Best Cream for Diaper Rash

Your baby spends so much time in a diaper that a diaper rash is very common. Even if you change her every two hours, a diaper rash can happen. There are lots of reasons, including a reaction to wipes or one to the ammonia in her urine.

You need to get a cream for diaper rash, but there are so many. Which one should you get? Don’t they all do the same job?

The truth is that while all brands may have some of the same basic ingredients, they can have slightly different extras that help the healing process. I’ve found this recently, and have been through three different creams until I’ve seen some results. On the other hand, my first daughter was happy with a completely different brand!

Here are some diaper rash creams to help you determine the best one for you.

Sudacrem: The Most Common

The most common diaper rash cream out there, especially in the UK, is Sudacrem. This one does the job for most rashes, and worked just find for my elder daughter. Just a couple of day’s use and the rash disappears.

It’s not just for diaper rash, either. This is great for all types of rashes, burns and ailments. I’ve used it to help soothe mild sunburn in the past and I know people who have used it to get soothe eczema.

This didn’t work for my younger daughter but I’m not sure if I really gave it enough time. Just as I started using it, my health visitor believed the nappy rash was thrush and had my doctor prescribe something else. It turned out that she was wrong, although the rash did look a bit thrush-like at the time.

Zinc and Caster Oil: Paediatrician Approved

Zinc and Caster Oil is the cream we’re currently using for our younger daughter and it is finally starting to work just right. The cream is mostly natural ingredients and has holistic properties. Zinc works quickly and effectively. I’ve noticed a change within 48 hours.

One of the best things about the cream is that it is affordable. The tub I bought was less than £3, whereas most of the others I was looking at it would have been more than £5.

Drapoline Cream: Antiseptic Nappy Rash Cream

This was one recommended to me by a friend, but not one that I’ve personally tried yet. It is specifically created for diaper rash and is an antiseptic one, like Sudacrem. For those in the UK, it’s also available on prescription on the minor ailments; I’m not sure about the rest of the world.

Others have said that it works for all types of rash and not just ones on babies’ bottoms. Some have even said it works on fungal creams. Again, this isn’t something I’ve tried personally.

The downside to this is that it is one of the most expensive on the market. Saying that, if it really works then the cost could really be worth it.

Conotrane: Antiseptic Soothing Cream

This is the one that was prescribed for my second daughter by my GP but did nothing to help. But I’m not saying that it doesn’t work for all. It may have been that my daughter’s nappy rash was too severe for this cream.

It is a mild cream, so is supposed to be great for those with sensitive skin. The cream absorbs easily, and I can vouch for that because within minutes of putting it on it had disappeared. I didn’t mind the smell of the cream, but I’m glad I didn’t pay the cost for it not to work; it is one of the most expensive creams on the market.

There are lots of creams for diaper rash and all babies are different. Some will find that one cream is better for them over another. I’ve found that with both of my girls. I just hope this helps you find a cream that works for your little one to sooth that nappy rash.

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