Best Carrots for Container Gardening

carrots-366191_640Just because you live in an apartment or a condo and have limited or no outdoor space doesn’t mean that you can’t grow your own vegetables and fruits. There are many varieties of vegetables that are suitable for a container or a window box. Whether you are an organic gardener or not, there are plenty of ways to indulge your green thumb even with very little available space.

Carrots are not perhaps the first vegetable that comes to mind when considering container gardening but they are easy to grow, require little care and produce abundantly so why not? Baby carrots are small and fit the profile of container friendly vegetables. Choosing the best carrots for container gardening requires a little research.

One variety, Baby Fingers has proven to be particularly adept at growing in a container. These are not vegetables that thrive in the heat of summer; they are better adapted to late spring or early fall. They were developed in France and produce one of the sweetest, most tender baby carrots that can be grown. You can purchase seeds from several outlets including They can survive in temperatures above 25 degrees but 45 degrees is even better.

If you want to grow two vegetables at a time in your containers, carrots grow very well with radishes. If you seed them at the same time, the radishes will mature quicker and by the time the carrots are in need of more space, the radishes will be ready to harvest.

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Another carrot that is a great choice for a container garden is Thumbelina. It is a beautiful small round carrot. They grow to about an inch and half in diameter. Started from seed, you will be enjoying these sweet little gems in about two months. They will also grow in cool weather and thrive in late spring and early fall.

If you like to grow exotic heirloom vegetables, the previous two varieties while heirloom are not all that exotic. There are varieties that are an amazing purple or pink color or even white. One variety of purple carrot is called Purple Haze. It is a full size carrot that grows to between 10 and 12 inches so will require a god size container. While these carrots are purple on the outside they are orange on the inside and loaded with vitamins.

Once you have decided what variety of carrots you want to plant in your container garden the next thing is to decide what type of container you want to use. Almost anything can work; plastic containers are the cheapest, followed by terracotta. Glazed pottery is a good choice as are wooden pots. The most important thing to remember is how deep your soil needs to be. The Thumbelina carrot will not need a very deep pot but the Purple Haze will. Make sure that the pot has good drainage and that your soil is nutrient rich.

The only thing left for you to do is to get your seeds germinating and within two months you will be making carrot cakes and glazed carrots with your own crop.

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