Niche Guide – for beginners

Your niche concept is your new business.

Finding a niche is not a difficult thing to do, especially if you have a favourite subject, interest or hobby. However, you should have an understanding of how it all works. As with all things, anyone who invests time and effort into their niche will certainly benefit from the results that follow.

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Niches reach a large volume of targeted markets, groups or individuals, offering a service, product, or both. You will need to treat your chosen field of expertise as a real business in order to be taken seriously by your potential clients.

Consider how you will advertise your business, which can be very costly, especially if you have no experience of advertising. Your niche should be clear from the beginning in order to reach the right audience with your message seen, heard and understood by all, establishing a long-term relationship with your potential followers.

Which angle do you approach the market from?

Will you be the Problem Solver, or will you become the people’s ear; keeping them up to date with the latest ratings, reviews, products and services, or will you do both?

The choice is yours, but be clear about who you intend to attract and what you can provide for your audience. You will need to be up-to-date and savvy if you want to be on par with the competition and your followers; they will come to you because you have something of value.

Before you get started with satisfying your audience, understand your mission objectives, know who you plan on reaching and manage your time well.

How big is your budget and do you manage your finances well?

To effectively manage your business you must have an idea of what will be taxing your wallet, there is much to commit to:

  • Advertising and Promotions
  • Product Cost
  • Market Structure
  • Research
  • New Hardware/Software
  • Payment of Staff (if Delegating Work) 
  • Network Maintenance 
  • Security 

Are You Product-Focused or Customer-focused?

There is a wealth of knowledge available online for you start to learn from, regarding what people are buying, or what services they’re using. But your main focus should be balanced as both the customer and the product are vital to your business, so value them both.

Identify a gap in the market and start building your business around it.

Profits can be accumulated if you are providing a rare product or service that people find difficult to acquire from others. This is your chance to get people involved with something new and interesting, which they’ll remember you for in time to come.

This is where your research comes in handy; helping you to determine where there is a potential profit to be made. Specialize in something which is hard to find, study the market and look at the places that most entrepreneurs seem to be missing.

Ask questions to your audience about what they’d be happy to see more of, start to gain a deeper understanding of people’s needs as well as what’s on their wish list. 

Attach originality to what you do and you’ll be easily identified when sought after by crowds of potential customers who are eager to hear what you have to say.

People will always have time for someone who demonstrates care for their audience.

You enjoy good customer service too, so you know that the extra effort put into your people will generate some tangible results that will (in most cases) be long-term.

When focusing on your audience you have a chance to impress them by going a level or two deeper than what others would, and finding the solution that has evaded them for ages.

This is known as a sub-category, where the actual ‘subject matter’ is further explored, exposing various sub-topics for you to further engage in with your customers, introducing them to your own version of a product or service that is both rare and hard to find on the market.

Place your signature on your own ideas and become known as an Authority in your chosen niche. Play your cards right and you’ll be able to create a market of your own based on your audience-focused attitude and commitment.

There are many niches to choose from, even if you have no expertise or knowledge of a product or how something works, there are many people online who have others do the research for them.

Your strategy might be to create dozens of niches and pay someone to bring you up-to-date information and reviews in order to get started quickly.

This works well for most, but take care not to bite off more than you can chew!

There is no harm in crawling before you walk; you want a reputation that is good enough to gain you a little rank with the competition out there.

You can either be renowned by many for your enthusiasm and dedication to their requests, or be shunned as a time waster and someone who knows nothing.

Think long-term first in this business and you will be in a better position to defy some of the odds. Many people have got lucky with their first break online, whilst others had to wait a little longer – c’est la vie.

When trying to determine which niche to start with, try choosing a subject that you have interest in, also having some knowledge of your niche really helps.

And remember that if your work is not presenting you with a clear message, the chances are that your audience will struggle to understand it too.

Use the opportunity build your expertise around your current niche, you’ll build beneficial habits that are crucial for your progression.

Cutting corners might seem worthwhile at the time, but remember that consumers are now aware of the usual scams and the many so-called gurus who are only interested in your money.

Be patient in your pursuits and build lasting relationships with the people who actually make it possible for you to live out your dreams, and treat your niche as a real business and you’ll soon reap the rewards!



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