Becoming an Audiobook Narrator – What are the Essentials?

Narration is the soul of an audiobook. It can be a determining factor for its success. Even a great story written by a great author and given life by great characters can fail miserably if it is poorly narrated. Bad listening experience is one thing voice over production companies don’t want to happen because it can turn audiences off. If you aspire to become a good narrator, here are some factors you need to consider:

1. Authentic Gender Voicing

Making a difference between male and female voices is not enough in audiobook narration. Females should sound authentic especially if the story is narrated by a male narrator. Likewise, males must sound like real males even if the story is read by a female narrator. Voices should be distinctive and natural-sounding between male and female. This can help to hold the attention of listeners. Remember, when your audience loses its attention, your efforts to produce the story is over.

2. Voice Variation

 Voice variation can add life to an audio story, but this is not essential to some listeners because they can be contented with a little differentiation in pitch and tone among different characters.

3. Authentic Accents

For making a spoken account of a story, a narrator should project real accents of words, phrases and sentences spoken by the characters. A bad accent can turn listeners off and ruin a good book. A good accent on the other hand, can engage listeners and pull them deeper into the story, giving its audience some sort of dimension to the book’s characters and setting.

4. Smooth Editing

Editing makes your audio story sound pleasing. It should be done in a way that it would seem like the story was recorded in just one sitting. All the chapters should fall together in a perfect way, having no irregular gaps between chapters or even sentences. The sound should be perfectly clear and on the same level from start to finish, with all unnecessary sounds and background noise eliminated. An audiobook should be edited smoothly. Otherwise it won’t be able to catch the attention of the audience, this again, can make your efforts go down the drain.

There are a lot of factors that make an audiobook click on the ears of its audience. This includes the quality of the story, how it is written and how the audiobook was produced. But one of the most important aspects of a good audio story is how the narrator narrates it.

Narration gives life to an audiobook. It should be able to hold the attention of the audience. In order to achieve this goal, it should be done by a good audio book narrator who has the stamina and endurance to go through the long haul. An audio story is narrated in a marathon, but it should be complete with a good combination of artistic skills, technical ability and a charming voice that brings the audience to a world of imaginings.

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