Be Active! Go Outdoors!

Are you one of those people who are slim in structure, but seem to have that extra bit of a bulge on your stomach? What about if you know that whatever diet you put yourself on, you just can not seem to lose the weight that you want to? Are you a person who also has a lot of technology gadgets (such as myself)? If you can identify most with the last one out of all three, then perhaps that is the reason you need to stop being on technology so much.

It is hard to quit being on some sort of electronic device these days, like cell phones or a laptop, but you can reduce the amount of time you spend on it. You deserve to have a break every now and then anyways. Even if you take off for an hour and go outside to play! Build a snow man if you have younger kids, or even build them a snow fort. Or even if you don’t have kids, if it is seasonally possible, go out camping and hiking as soon as you know that you have the time for it.

However, that would be an ideal bonding time, but nowadays, we seem to be bound by technology. Most people use it for their careers, schooling, and even for leisure purposes! We are suppose to be setting an example for the generations to come, so take that opportunity to set the example by playing outside for an hour!

What are the benefits of going outside?

Well, aside from the fact that you are getting your daily exercise in, and how the fresh air will do your body good, there are two other benefits of going outside.

The first benefit is that you are absorbing in vitamins from the sun. The vitamins that you soak into your system will help you out by reducing the amount of time you suffer if you have an illness, or even for the common cold. That is, considering that vitamins can not actually prevent you from getting sick to begin with.

The second benefit for why you should consider going outside on a regular basis, would be so that it cuts down on the amount of money that you have to spend on paying the power bill every month. Considering that we all know that the more we spend on our technological devices, the more power we consume. The more that is consumed, the more we pay.

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