Balika Vadhu- Will Mannu Reconsider About Pooja’s Abortion?

In Balika Vadhu’s previous episodes we saw that Dadisa, Jagya and Anandi’s attempt to convince Mannu and Pooja failed. It was Dadisa’s idea that Anandi and Jagya to share their own experience with Mannu and Pooja, about Gauri to make him realize that his feelings for Pooja are mere attraction and not love.

However Mannu told Dadisa that he does not find himself wrong and instead feels that the entire family family is doing a mistake by not understanding what the two feel for each other.


Also upto now neither Mannu nor Pooja, have revealed to their respective families that Pooja is pregnant with Mannu’s child. The reason they did not abort was because Mannu considers this to be the reason why his family will accept Pooja in his life.


However, considering the past few incidents that occurred, we have to see if Mannu would be reconsidering his decision of becoming a father at a tender age of 15 or 16 years.


The first incident that made Mannu rethink about him being a dad, when a child about 3-4 years of age, by mistake called him Bapusa (i.e. Dad). Pooja was also seen laughing as she asked Mannu, if he looked that old to be referred as a father of that child. This made Mannu think that within the next few months, he would in reality become a father. What would happen next in such a case i.e. whether he would be teased by his friends and could he take up the responsibility of a child?



The second incident was when Mannu had gone to the hospital to take a cheque from his mother, Dr. Ganga as he had to deposit the fees that day. The nurse told him to wait outside till Ganga came. On the counter, there was a villager with his 3-4 months old baby, paying the fees. Since he had to count the money, he asked Mannu to hold his baby for a few minutes. Mannu reluctantly held the kid and after a few seconds, the baby peed on Mannu. 

Mannu was very angry and asked the man to take his baby back. The man said a sorry and left. Ganga saw this and laughed seeing Mannu’s reaction. Mannu told Ganga tat there was no need to laugh and said that all because of the kid, he would have to go home first and would deposit that cheque later.


Back at home, Mannu had a bath and was thinking how insensitive the child’s father was that he just said one sorry and ended the matter. Later a thought came across his mind, where he realised that within few months he too would become father of such a child.

He then took out his dirty clothes and told Dadisa that he was keeping if to get washed. Dadisa laughed and said that she does not understand today’s teenagers. If she would have bathed just because a child peed on her, then for raising her children, one would find her bathing 10 times each day. After Dadisa left, Mannu was again lost in a deep thought regarding his and Pooja’s unborn child.


Would Mannu reconsider his decision about Pooja’s pregnancy? Would he ask Pooja to abort her child? Will Ganga and her family know about Pooja’s pregnancy?


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