Balika Vadhu- Whom Would Nimboli Accept As Her Mother- Anandi Or Mangla?

Balika Vadhu 2000 episode celebration was to mark the reunion of Anandi and Nimboli. The promo that was released this week showed that the reunion would take place between 24th and 26th September 2015. However after the precap of Balika Vadhu episode dated 24th September 2015, a new question arises if Nimboli would be returning back to Jeitsar with Anandi.


Considering that Mangla addressed Nimboli as her daughter in the precap, we got to see what would lie in Nimboli’s destiny. Whom would she choose? Anandi, the mother who gave her birth or Mangla, the lady who raised her with love till 11 years.


Lets take a look at the two.


Anandi lost Nimboli about 11 years ago to Akhiraj. At that point of time, Nandini/Nimboli was just 3 months old. Anandi who is a social activist and decided to stand up against Akhiraj, by cancelling his 8 year old son Kundan’s child marriage with Pooja. In a state of anger, Akhiraj kidnapped Anandi’s daughter, Nandini and decided to take her life once he reached home. 

Mangla, who could never conceive a child,  developed a motherly feeling when she first saw Nandini. Just to save her life, she took her Devi avatar and asked Akhiraj to marry her with Kundan.

Till 11 years we saw Anandi saving many other child brides, from a horrible future in the hope that some day she would come across her own daughter. However, when she did she was introduced by Mangla in the mela as Nimboli being her own daughter.



Her love for Nimboli always overpowered her decision to tell Anandi the truth. She feared that she would be separated from Nimboli, if Anandi finds out that Nimboli is also a child bride.

The first time she gathered courage to stand up against Akhiraj was when Kundan molested Nimboli. She beated Kundan and even warned Akhiraj that if the incident is repeated then she herself would go to poilce.

Mangla told the truth to Jagya as she never wanted Akhiraj to come in power. She felt that this would result not only in the entire village being ruled by a wrong man, but also the first person Akhiraj would seek revenge from is Nimboli.

Considering that Mangla’s love for Nimboli, would she allow Anandi to take Nimboli away from her is doubtful.


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Nimboli shares a good bonding with Anandi. She admires Anandi and Jagya’s personalities. However due to a misunderstanding she hates her mother. Considering that Jagya knows the truth and has proofs, he can explain the truth to Nimboli. 

All said, Nimboli loves Mangla, Kamli and Urmi a lot. She is attached to Mangla and would she accept Anandi as her mother is also a question. Would Nimboli agree to leave all if them behind and shift to Jeitsar with Anandi?


Tune into Balika Vadhu Sunday Blockbuster episode for the same.


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