Balika Vadhu- Story So Far- Akhiraj Pays For His Crimes

A lot of twists and turns were seen in the past few days. First Akhiraj got exposed in front of everyone. Second MLA Jagdish Singh (aka Jagya) got him arrested. Third the outrageous village people and Nimboli’s innocence, helped Akhiraj escape. Fourth he tried to kill Mangla and Nimboli, for revealing the truth to MLA Jagdish Singh. Fifth, with God’s grace Jagya arrived with the police at the right time and saved Mangla from her death.

All these turns were no less than a mega-blockbuster episode and were perfectly shot to grab one’s eyeballs. Lets take a look at the scenes that involved Akhiraj from each episode.


Akhiraj Gets Exposed & Arrested- Balika Vadhu 21st September 2015

 Never had Akhiraj thought that his association with MLA Jagdish Singh would not help him win the village elections, but would result in getting him in jail.

Magla finally gathered all her courage and decided to reveal the truth of her brother in law, Akhiraj to MLA Jagdish Singh. The reason being she did not want the villagers to suffer in his hands, the way all the ladies of his house were being tortured. Mangla and Nimboli were succesful in stopping Jagya’s car, while he was on his way to Sancholi to speak in favour of Akhiraj. Mangla told Jagdish Singh that Akhiraj had murdered her husband i.e. his real brother for wealth and property. Second crime was that he had murdered Gopal, since he dared to love Akhiraj’s daughter, Kamli. Third she showed the photographs of Kundan’s child marriages with Nimboli and Urmi.

Jagya revealed the truth in front of the crowd and warned them to never choose a leader without proper enquiry. He even slapped Akhiraj and got him arrested. As Akhiraj was getting dragged to the police van, the crowd expressed their anger by beating him. 


Akhiraj Escapes- Balika Vadhu 22nd September 2015

Nimboli’s good heart and innocence, helped Akhiraj escape. He travelled back to Jhalra by hiding underneath the green grass of a cart connected to the tractor.


Jagdish Singh Saves Mangla & Akhiraj Arrested Once Again- Balika Vadhu 23 rd September 2015

 This episode was no less than a blockbuster. Each moment was perfectly shot and was breath taking. Nor once would you want to change the channel or leave from your seat.

Akhiraj seeks revenge by attempting to kill Mangla. Nimboli hugs Akhiraj and pleads for Mangla’s life. A frustrated Akhiraj decides that both would be killed. Mangla stands as a sheild in front of Nimboli and is ready to die. Jagya arrives in time and saves Mangla, with the help of poilce.


Mangla reveals that in reality she is not a Devi. She pretended to get possessed by a Devi to protect her self respect and Nimboli as well as Kamili’s lives. Akhiraj is shocked and is dragged by the police. Kundan is broken seeing his father arrested and takes the sword, to revenge his father’s insult by claiming Mangla and Nimboli’s lives. Harki stops him by saying that she cannot lose her son, the same way she lost her husband. 


As Balika Vadhu is celebrating its 2000 episodes, a new reunion track of the mother-daughter duo to be introduced.

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