Balika Vadhu Highlights- 27th September 2015

Balika Vadhu 27th September 2015- Highlights


Who Helped Mangla Escape From Jhalra?

In the Balika Vadhu, Saturday episode we saw that Mangla tries to escape from Jhalra, however hearing the police siren she gets off the bus. Though Anandi reached the bus stand, one person identified Mangla and Nimboli’s photographs and told the police that the two had boarded the bus. Hence Anandi did not come face to face with her daughter in the Sunday episode.

We saw Harki taunting Kamli that Mangla had left her alone and escaped. Howeve, she never knew that in fact Kamli had helped Mangla escape. 

The last night, when Mangla had taken Nimboli to her own room, Kamli who came to check on the two was shocked to see that Mangla was packing Nimboli’s bag. Mangla broke down and told Kamli that Anandi is Nimnoli’s biological mother. She cried as she said that now she has to separate from Nimboli. She told Kamli that she cannot imagine her life without Nimboli.

Kamli said that though blood relations are important, no one can defy what Mangla had done for Nimboli. By saving Nimboli so many times from Akhiraj and Kundan, she had granted a new life to Nimboli on many occasions. She was no less than a mother for Nimboli. 

Kamli then advises Mangla to run away from Jhalra with Nimboli. Mangla says how could she do the same. Where would they stay and what would she feed Nimboli. Kamli says that she would arrange the money. Mangla says that she also has her jewellery that could help her in bad times. Thus with Kamli’s help, Mangla tries to escape from Jhalra.


Anandi Understands Mangla’s Emotions

Dadisa is happy to hear that Nimboli/Nandini would be reuniting with her mother, Anandi. When she speaks to Annadi, she comes to know that till now they are unable to find her daughter.

Anandi says that she can understand why Mangla took this step. She knows that she loves Nimboli and has misunderstood that they would separate the two. The only reason she had exposed Akhiraj was for Nimboli and also had taken a promise from Jagya that no one would separate them. Now that she knows that Nimboli is only Anandi’s daughter, Nandini; Mangla took a drastic step just because of her love for Nimboli.


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Akhiraj Is The Only Person Who Can Get Nimboli Back- Will It Be So?

Anandi and Jagya go to the police station, with a hope that Akhiraj would help them in tracking Mangla. However, Akhiraj who now knows their weakness, says that Mangla is his trump card. They would never be able to reach Nandini without his help.

He puts forward a condition against Anandi that if she frees him from jail, only then would he help her get her daughter, Nandini back from Mangla.

Would Anandi accept this deal?


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