Balika Vadhu 26th September 2015- Written Update- Mangla Tries To Escape From Jhalra With Nimboli

In yesterday’s episode, Mangla told Nimboli that she would be leaving Akhiraj’s home. However, Mangla has no intention to let Nimboli know her mother’s truth. That is the reason why she tries to escape from Jhalra, along with Nimboli.
Lets find out what happened in today’s episode of Balika Vadhu 26th September 2015.


Balika Vadhu 26th September 2015- Written Update and Highlights


Nimboli Is Nandini- Truth Revealed
Anandi enters the room in excitement and asks Jagya where is her Nandini. Jagya tells her that Nimboli is only her daughter, Nandini. Anandi says that what kind of a mother is she, since she failed to recognize her own daughter. Jagya tells her that though she did not recognize Nimboli, the reason they both shared such a great bond even though the two were strangers, was because of their relationship. They then leave for Akhiraj’s house.


Kundan Goes In Hiding
The person who has helped Kundan, hides him in the cow stable. After Kundan leaves that person says that he would extract a hefty price for this favour from Akhiraj.


Mangla Runs Away With Nimboli
When Mangla said yesterday that Nimboli has to leave the house, she never intended that Nimboli would be leaving the house to return back to Jhalra.
Anandi arrives with Jagya and Dr. Anant and Kamli is surprised to see them, at that point of hour. She takes them to Mangla’s room and when they do not find both of them, Jagya tells Kamli and Urmi that Nimboli is Anandi’s daughter. Kamli is shocked.
They search the entire house but do not find Nimboli and Mangla.  Later Anandi comes face to face with Harki.


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Anandi Slaps Harki
Anandi asks Harki where her daughter is. Harki tells her that she was finding her innocent son Kundan, who has gone in hiding because of Jagya. In the conversation, Jagya reveals the truth that Kundan had molested Nimboli.
Harki justifies Kundan by saying that he is Nimboli’s husband, hence he has rights to do the same with her wife. Anandi is shocked to hear this and slaps her. She questions her morals. Kamli says that if Nimboli is with Mangla, then Harki cannot be involved since Harki does not care for the two.


Mangla Tries To Escape With Nimboli From Jhalra
Mangla and Nimboli are about to enter the bus, when she hears the police siren. She gets off the bus and hides near the ticket window.
Anandi and Jagya, arrive with police. They are searching the place, while Anandi walks closer towards the ticket window.


Balika Vadhu 26th September 2015- Precap
Anandi calls out to Nimboli. Mangla steps in and tells Nimboli that she is her mother. Anandi is shocked.


Will Anandi lose her daughter again and this time because of Mangla?
Tune into tomorrow’s 1 hour special mega Sunday episode at 8pm of Balika Vadhu only on Colors.


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