Balika Vadhu 25th September 2015- Written Update- Nimboli’s Truth Revealed

In today’s episode of Balika Vadhu, finally Nimboli’s truth is revealed by Mangla. We also see Mangla broken after realising that Anandi is Nimboli’s mother. Let’s find out more what happened in Balika Vadhu 25th September 2015 episode.


Balika Vadhu 25th September 2015- Highlights and Written Update


Jagya Comes To Know Nimboli’s Truth
On their way back home, Jagya asks Mangla if she had told in her statement about Kundan’s attempt to rape. Mangla said a no, to which Jagya asks that why did she hide this fact since its related with Akhiraj. Mangla says that she did not hide it but forget about the same. Jagya asks if Nimboli’s parents are aware of the same and will take action against Kundan. Mangla says that if they knew where their daughter is, then only would they do the same. She then explains that Akhiraj had kidnapped a 3 month old daughter of a lady who stopped the child marriage of his son. To seek revenge he was about to kill her, but Mangla asked him in her devi avatar to marry her to his son. She did save her life but she could not reduce her problems.
Jagya asks if he can see the things that belonged to that 3 month old girl. Mangla shows him the clothes and a pendant back home. The pendant slips from her hand and opens. The pendant bears Anandi and Shiv’s photo. Mangla asks what does it mean by bearing Anandi’s photo. Jagya says his doubts are clear and Nimboli is Nandini, Anandi’s daughter. Mangla is shocked.


Jagya Tells Anandi The Truth
Back at Jeitsar, Dr. Anant is at Anandi’s house, as Nidhi is helping Shivam with his project. Jagya calls and tells Anandi to come to Jhalra immediately and says that this is going to be the best journey of her life. Anandi asks Jagya if he found Nandini and he says a yes. Anandi breaks down and tells Shivam that Jagya has found his sister. Jagya tells Dr. Anant to come with Anandi to Jhalra.


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What Does Mangla Intend To Do?
Mangla wakes up Nimboli from Kamli’s room and brings Nimboli to her own room. She holds Nimboli in her arms and cries. Seeing the Devi’s idol she says that she cannot lose Nimboli from her life. However, how she separate a mother from her own daughter. She then starts packing Nimboli’s clothes in one bag. However as she starts doing the same, she breaks down. She then tells Nimboli that she has to leave this house now.


Anandi Tells Anant About Nandini
Dr. Anant asks Anandi is she is alright. She then tells Dr Anant how she had to separate from her daughter, 11 years back. A flashback is shown of the scene Akhiraj kidnapping Nandini and later telling Anandi about her daughter’s child marriage with Kundan.


Jagya Shows Anandi The Proof
As Jagya opens the door, Anandi runs inside to find Nandini. She asks Jagya, if he is sure that he has found her daughter only. Jagya then shows Anandi the clothes and pendant. Anandi is in tears and asks where is Nandini.
Jagya tells that its Nimboliwho is her daughter Nandini.


Balika Vadhu 25th September 2015- Precap
Anandi calls out to Nimboli. Mangla comes and tells Nimboli that she is only her mother. The doll falls from Anandi’s hand and she is heart broken hearing this.


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