Balika Vadhu 24th September 2015 – Written Update- Jagdish Orders Kundan To Get Arrested

We saw yesterday that Akhiraj finally got arrested. However what about Kundan and Harki. Will Nimboli get justice after what Kundan had done to her? Will the false charges against Kishor be cleared and will he be given a clean chit?

Lets find out in today’s episode of Balika Vadhu 24th September 2015.


Balika Vadhu 24th September 2015- Written Update & Highlights


Jagdish Orders Kundan To Get Arrested

MLA Jagish Singh arrives at the police station where Akhiraj is. Akhiraj asks him to trust him since he knows that a good man always has many enemies. Jagya says words like trust, do not suit his bad personality. 

At that moment the corrupt Daroga arrives with Kishor. Seeing Jagya in front of him, Kishor asks Jagya if he remembers him. He says he was introduced by Anandi. Kishor then tells Jagya that Akhiraj had shifted the entire blame of his son, Kundan on him. The corrupt Daroga also confesses his crime after being slapped by the police Inspector. Jagya orders a team to be sent to capture Kundan. However Harki and Kundan overhear Jagya’s conversation and then Harki tells Kundan to go and hide at someone’s house.

Mangla arrives to the police station, where Jagya has called the Magistrate on a short notice. He praises Mangla, to which she says that she had to gather courage for saving her village people from him. While she records her statement, Jagya receives a call from Ganga. 

Ganga is concerned about his safety, but Jagya says that he would wait in Jhalra till a strong case is recorded against Akhiraj. He said that he will not allow Akhiraj to escape.


Kamli Remembers Gopal & Is Happy To See Him Get Justice

Kamli opens her closet and finds the hanky she had embroidered for Gopal. She remembers how her father had killed Gopal. She then says that finally his soul will rest in peace, seeing that Akhiraj is going to pay for his crimes. She picks up the red bangles that Gopal had given her and says that finally today she was successful in fulfilling the promise she had taken, after his death.  She tells Nimboli that she is happy that finally Gopal’s soul will get justice.


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Balika Vadhu 24th September 2015 Precap-

Anandi sees Nimboli and is happy. She runs to hug her but Mangla arrives at the same time and says that she is Nimboli’s mother. Will Mangla sacrifice her love for Nimboli? Will Anandi get her daughter back? Will Nimboli understand Anandi or will her hatred for her mother overpower her decision?


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