Balika Vadhu 23rd September 2015- Written Update- Akhiraj Arrested

Today’s episode was no less than a mega blockbuster episode. Many questions were answered. Did Akhiraj kill Mangla? Was Jagya successful in arresting Akhiraj? How will Jagya realize Nimboli’s truth?

Lets find out the answers to these questions in today Balika Vadhu 23rd September 2015 episode. 


Balika Vadhu 23rd September 2015 Episode- Written Update & Highlights


Akhiraj Beats Harki

Akhiraj secretly enters the home through the window and Harki is the first to spot him. Seeing his state, Harki asks what had happened. He asks for water and in a frightened condition gulps down 2 glasses. He then tells Harki that MLA Jagdish Singh is responsible for his condition. He then starts beating Harki and holds her by her neck. He asks her who was the person who revealed his truth to Jagya. 

Harki cries and says he is hurting her. She says that she was at home, hence she doesn’t know who revealed the truth. She says Kamli is resting in her room, while Nimboli is doing the house work. As for Mangla, she returned some time back from the temple. Akhiraj realizes that Mangla was calling someone on the phone. At that moment Kundan comes and tells that Mangla had not conveyed the truth on phone, but had met Jagya personally alongwith Nimboli.


Akhiraj Tries To Kill Mangla! But Who Saved Her

Akhiraj takes his sword and goes to Kamli’s room where he finds Mangla. He calls Mangla “aastin ka saap”, to which Mangla replies that she does not mind being called such names as she is happy that she saved the entire village from such a bad person. Now even if she died, she had no regret.

Nimboli comes and hugs Akhiraj as she pleads him to not take Mangla’s life. Akhiraj pushes Nimboli and says that now he will kill both. The moment he goes to attack Mangla, Jagya arrives with the police. The police fired at Akhiraj’s hand and saved Mangla.


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Mangla Reveals The Truth Of Her Devi Avatar

Akhiraj said that he did a mistake leaving Mangla alive, even when he had 2 chances to murder her. Mangla says that as he is arrested, she would tell him the truth of Devi. She says that she always faked that she was possessed by a Goddess, so that she could inculcate fear in Akhiraj’s mind and save her, Nimboli and Kamli’s life from Akhiraj.


Kundan Picks Up The Sword

Kundan is broken seeing his father arrested. He picks up the sword and rushes to kill Mangla and Nimboli. 

Harki stops him and says that this is not the right time to seek revenge. He asks her then what should he do, wear bangles in his hand though he is a man. Harki says that she cannot lose her son now and also this is not the time to lose his cool.


Balika Vadhu 23rd September 2015- Precap

Kishor tells Jagya that Kundan tried to rape Nimboli and put the blame on Kishor, since he tried to give Nimboli justice. Jagya orders the police to arrest Kundan immediately.

Jagya asks Mangla are Nimboli’s parents aware of what is happening with their daughter. Mangla tells Jagya that Akhiraj had kidnapped the 3 month old Nimboli, since her mother had stopped Kundan’s marriage with a 7 year old girl. 

Mangla then shows the clothes and pendant that belonged to 3 month old Nimboli. Jagya is surprised to see Anandi and Shiv’s photo in the pendant. He then calls Anandi and tells her to come immediately to Jhalra. He says that this journey from Jeitsar to Jhalra would be the best journey of her life. Anandi is tear eyed and asks Jagya if he found her daughter Nandini.


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