Balika Vadhu 22nd September 2015- Written Update & Highlights

In yesterday’s episode we saw that Jagya had exposed Akhiraj in public. He also got Akhiraj arrested. While the police were dragging Akhiraj in their van, it was Nimboli who hit one police man with a pebble, resulting in the police resolving to lathi charge.

Akhiraj managed to grab the policeman’s gun, amongst this chaos. He then pointed the gun towards someone and we then heard a gunshot. Who was hit? The police man or Nimboli?

Lets find out in today’s episode of Balika Vadhu 22nd September 2015.


Balika Vadhu 22nd September 2015- Highlights and Written Update


Akhiraj Escapes! But Who Gets Hit By The Bullet?

Akhiraj is successful in grabbing the gun from the police man and points it towards him. Nimboli and Mangla are shocked to see this. Akhiraj aims and fires. The police man is hit by the bullet on his arm. Akhiraj once agains aims the gun at an another police man. However there was only one bullet and hence no one gets hurt, this time.

Akhiraj flees and manages to escape by sitting in a cart of a tractor covered with grass. Akhiraj hides himself among the green grass in that tractor and manages to reach Jhalra.


Mangla Is Upset With Nimboli

Mangla grabs Nimboli by her hand and takes her back to Jhalra. While on their way back, Nimboli pleads that Mangla should speak to her. Disa asks her why she hit the police man and let Akhiraj escape. Nimboli tells her that she doesn’t trust the police. She speaks about Kishore, her teacher who was wrongly arrested on a rape charge, when the real culprit, Kundan managed to escape. 

Mangla told her that not all police men are corrupt and they were right in arresting Akhiraj, since he was Gopal’s murderer. 


Nimboli Tries To Secretly Enter The House

Nimboli does not want Harki to know that she had been with Mangla all the time. Hence she decides to enter her room by climbing the pipe line near her window. Kundan is below washing his legs, when Nimboli is climbing the pipe. Luckily Kundan does not see her.

Harki is about to reach the room, but Urmi makes several excuses and manages to grab some time for Nimboli. When Harki enters she finds Nimboli asleep.


Kundan Hears Mangla & Kamli’s Conversation

While Mangla is telling Kamli about all the incidents that took place at the village election, someone opens the door. Kundan is hiding and he listens to the entire conversation about how Akhiraj got arrested. Now that he knows the truth, Mangla is expected to be in deep trouble.


Balika Vadhu 22nd September 2015- Precap

Akhiraj is back home and tells Harki that he is sure about Mangla calling Jagya to tell him the truth. 

Kundan arrives and tells him that he heard Kamli-Mangla’s conversation and the truth is that Mangla met Jagya personally and told the truth. 

Akhiraj is shocked and decides to kill Mangla with his sword. Will Mangla be killed by Akhiraj’s hands?


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