Balika Vadhu 21st September 2015- Highlights & Written Update- Akhiraj Exposed

Monday brought in a lot of twists and turns in the story. While Balika Vadhu’s 2000th episode will mark the reunion of the mother- daughter duo i.e. Anandi and Nimboli, we got to see if Jagya will be the linking factor, for this situation. Also with Akhiraj being exposed in public, will Mangla and Jagya be successful in punishing him? Let’s find out the answers to these questions in Balika Vadhu 21st September episode.


Balika Vadhu 21st September 2015 Episode- Written Update & Highlights


Mangla Shows Jagya Akhiraj’s True Face

While Jagya is on his way to the village elections, to speak in favour of Akhiraj, his car is stopped by Nimboli. Mangla then tells Jagya about Akhiraj’s crimes. The first crime was that Akhiraj, had killed his own brother for money. The second crime was he had murdered Gopal in front of the entire village. What was Gopal’s mistake? He was in love with Akhiraj’s daughter, Kamli.

Third crime was child marriage of Nimboli and Urmi. She showed Jagya the pictures of their marriage with Kundan. Fourth crime was hiding the fact that Kundan tried to rape Nimboli and instead Akhiraj shifted the blame on the village teacher, Kishor. Just when Mangla was about to tell about the fourth crime, Nimboli came back and hence her conversation with Jagya had to stop. 

Hearing this Jagya told Mangla and Nimboli to sit in his car and he promised to give them justice.


Jagya Exposes Akhiraj In Public

Jagya started his speech saying that he would reveal good deeds about Akhiraj, which none of them knew about. He said that just because Akhiraj did not want to create problems relating to money at home, he decided to kill his brother and claim the entire property.

Jagya then spoke about Gopal. He said that just because Gopal was in love with Kamli, he tied Gopal to his car and dragged him till Jhalra. Later with a sword he took Gopal’s life. Next he hung him in a tree, to help the corrupt police inspector prove that Gopal had suicided and was not murdered. He then told the crowd that they should never choose a leader based without proper inspection.


Nimboli Helps Akhiraj Escape

Nimboli sees that Akhiraj is beaten by the crowd and is dragged by the police. She does not understand what is happening and hence hits the policeman on his head, with a pebble. The police start lathi charge and in the chaos, Akhiraj grabs the gun of one policeman and tries to escape.


Balika Vadhu 21st September 2015- Precap

Akhiraj is seen pointing the gun and then a fireshot is heard. Who was hit by the bullet? The policeman or Nimboli?

Later we see Kundan telling Akhiraj that Mangla had revealed the truth to Jagya. Akhiraj picks up his sword and goes to kill Mangla. Will Mangla die?


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