Balika Vadhu 2000 Episodes- Would Nimboli Accept Anandi As Her Mother?

With Balika Vadhu celebrating its 2000 episodes, viewers will witness the reunion of Anandi and Nimboli. The new promo of the mother-daughter reunion is out and the expected dates of the same are 24th September to 26th September 2015.

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As the date for the same is approaching near, we got to see how the story unfolds. Considering the precap of Balika Vadhu 22nd September 2015 episode, we got to see if Magla would be killed by Akhiraj. Will the reunion track start at the cost of Mangla’s life? 


Second question is how will the truth be revealed. Will Jagya be the linking factor among Anandi and Nimboli’s reunion? Considering that Jagya would leave no stone unturned in punishing Akhiraj for his sins, we got to see if Mangla dies, how would Jagya come to know the story that occurred 11 years ago.


Third question is whether Akhiraj, Harki and Kundan’s track come to an end? Considering that though Akhiraj is solely responsible for murdering Gopal and Mangla’s husband, however this does not imply that Harki and Kundan will never pay for their deeds. Considering that Harki was involved in Nimboli’s kidnapping 11 years ago and also in her child marriage, charges will be filed against her too. As for Kundan, though his marriage to Nimboli was when he was a kid, considering the fact that he tried to rape Nimboli now, he also will have to pay for his bad deeds.


Fourth question is whether Nimboli will accept Anandi as her mother?  

Though Nimboli shares an excellent rapport with Anandi, none of the two are aware of their relationship between them. In yesterday’s episode we saw a glimpse of the good nature of Nimboli as she was worried for Akhiraj when the police caught him, even though Akhiraj has been torturing her for 11 years.


However all said, we cannot forget how much Nimboli hates her mother. The reason for the same being she believes the lies of Akhiraj and Harki, that her mother had thrown her in a garbage bin as an infant. She blames her mother for the situation she is currently in. She believes that if her mother had not thrown her in the dustbin, then she would never have arrived in Akhiraj’s family in the first place and lived such a bad life. 

Even Mangla has not told Nimboli the truth that she was kidnapped by Akhiraj when she was an infant and her mother had not abandoned her. 


Though Nimboli knows that Anandi had been searching her daughter, we have to see whether Nimboli would accept herself as Nandini, the daughter of Anandi, whom Anandi lost to Akhiraj about 11 years back.


Tune in too Balika Vadhu 24th September 2015 to 26th September 2015 at 8 pm on Colors, to see how the story would further progress.


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