Balika Vadhu 2000 Episodes Celebration: Anandi Nimboli Reunion- Date Announced

Balika Vadhu is one of the longest running TV soaps, which began back in July, 2008 and has successfully completed its 2000 episodes in mid-September 2015. The journey of Balika Vadhu began with the 8 year old child bride, Anandi, then played by Avika Gor; who had managed to win our hearts. As the story progressed we saw the ill effects of child marriage on Anandi. Rather than giving up to circumstances, Anandi fought back and decided to fight against this old tradition.


During her fight, she lost her little daughter Nandini to Akhiraj, when she tried saving Pooja from her child marriage with Kundan. On the other hand Akhiraj had decided to seek revenge and kill Nandini, but it was Mangla who decided to take her Devi avatar and saved Nandini. 


Till 11 years, Anandi longed to see her daughter Nandini. On her visit to Jhalra, she accidentally met Nimboli, who presumed her to be a witch. As time flew, Anandi and Nimboli’s relationship grew, but both were unaware of the bond that tied both of them. Nimboli believed the lie that Akhiraj had told her, about being thrown by her mother in a dustbin, when she was still an infant and hence she hates her mother. On the other hand, Nimboli comes to know from Anandi, that she had lost her daughter about 11 years ago.


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With Balika Vadhu 21st September 2015 episode, where Mangla, finally decided to stand up against Akhiraj and exposes his truth to Jagya; a hope was raised that we would finally get to see the reunion of Anandi and Nimboli. We assumed that Jagya would be the linking factor among Anandi and Nimboli’s relationship.


Now as the show has succesfully completed its 2000 episodes, users can get ready to witness the reunion of the mother-daughter duo i.e. Anandi and Nimboli. The new promo is out and the date announced for the same is 24th to 26th September, 2015.

Tune in to to Balika Vadhu at 8 pm on Colors, to witness the success of Balika Vadhu 2000 Episodes Celebration, marking the reunion of Anandi and Nimboli/Nandini.


NEW PROMO- Balika Vadhu 2000 Episodes Celebration- Anandi and Nimboli/ Nandini Reunion

As the promo begins we see Anandi crying as she affectionately hugs her daughter Nandini’s childhood doll. The voice behind says that till 11 years we saw motherhood overpowered by tears, however now Anandi’s motherhood with finally meet Nimboli’s childhood.

Anandi then addresses Nimboli as her daughter and then hugs her affectionately.


Get ready to see the Balika Vadhu 2000 Episodes Celebration, with the reunion of Anandi and Nimboli/Nandini.


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