How to avoid Laziness and Sloth?

Being lazy is one of the deadliest sins ever committed on this Earth. Do you know what happens when you use something after a long time? It does not work properly. Same is the case with Humans. If you don’t work, you start rusting and getting corroded.  I would like to give you the best you ever received in your life ” Always be PRODUCTIVE, because Sloth is Crime,  Laziness is evil and being Worthless is disastrous”. Billions of people came into this World, but we remember only few. Who we remember? the one who never compromised on their work, who work tirelessly.

Here are some tips that you can use to avoid Sloth and stay productive.

1) Remember the Time

Recall when you were being lazy and you postponed your work. Did it help you or even caused more problems? Of course your answer would be the later one. So one thing is clear, being lazy is always disastrous and never helps. Whenever you start being lazy, you should remind yourself about that.


2) Avoiding Sloth gives you Confidence

Does not it feel great when you have everything done by the time without any tension? Wise persons always do their work on time or before the time. They never postpone their work, they do things on the right time.


3) Think about the Bad Side

Analyze the bad things that you will have to face in result of being lazy. For Example you will face more work pressure, you won’t be able to focus on one thing properly and the output will not be of high quality.


4) There is no Surety

Can you tell me with 100% what will happen in next 5 minutes? Absolutely not, nobody is sure about the future. Nobody can tell what you will be doing tomorrow and where you will be. So please avoid shifting the workload on tomorrow, because you never how much more work you will be assigned tomorrow.


5) Time waits for Nobody

It’s now or never. Time goes once and comes never back. It waits for nobody. You can not stop it, what you will have to do is ride on it. By riding, I mean doing your work within the given time.


In end, think about the length of your life. Average living age of people is now about 60 years. So why waste time and postpone your work my dear readers? Life is short, you better do the work when you have time. Because nobody can guarantee if you will ever get a chance again.

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