Asus T100 Touchscreen Not Working? Do This!

I almost had a panic attack when all of a sudden the touchscreen in my brand new Asus T100 tablet/laptop hybrid stopped working. It is just two days old and it had worked just fine the first day.

Today, I installed some new apps from the Windows Store to my laptop. Then, I updated the drivers and installed some more updates for Windows. After about half an hour of Windows Update, it restarted. And all of a sudden, I can’t use the touch input anymore.


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Asus T100 Touch Screen Not Working?

I immediately snapped the keyboard dock and logged in. Everything works, everything is fine – except the touch display. Most of you might find the events related to my situation:

  • Did the touch stop working after you restarted the tablet and not just instantly when it was on?
  • Did you install any apps before restarting?
  • Did you install updates from Windows Update or Microsoft Update?
  • If you are using Windows 10 and you suddenly cannot use touchscreen after you wake the tablet back after putting it into Sleep mode.

My situation is all of the four. Either one or all three has made the touchscreen irresponsive.

So, what had happened?

Two possible reasons:

  1. First of all, don’t panic. I can assure you that it is not your fault, and your Transformer Book is probably not a defective one. Many users have reported the same issues on Windows 8 and Asus forums, which all boils down to one single problem—the miscommunication between the OS (that is, either Windows 8 or Windows 10) and how it allocates power to individual systems (in this case – the touchscreen, which is one of the Human Interface Devices.
  2. Apparently, the driver for the touch display was somehow disabled by the Windows Update you just installed on your Windows 8.1 operating system. Follow the methods below to correct this issue:

Step 1: Right click on My PC in your desktop. If you don’t find it on the desktop, go to the Start screen and begin typing “My PC”. It should show up right away. Now right-click on it.

Step 2: Go to Properties.

Step 3: On the left sidebar, you will see a link called Device Manager. Click on it. A window opens.

 Step 3 for Asus T100 touchscreen not working

Step 4: On the following window, you might find a yellow exclamation sign on one of the hardware under Human Interface Devices. In my case, the problem was with I2C HID Device. In your case, it could be on HID-Complaint Touchscreen or something similar.


Step 5: Once you have located which it is, right-click on it and select DisableThe window then refreshes itself.

Step 6: As a final step, right click on the same hardware again and select Enable.

That’s it. As the window again refreshes, your touchscreen should now start working. If it worked, please help others by tweeting this article or sharing it on Facebook. My initial experience of Windows 10 on Asus T100 has not been any good. I am facing this issue every time I close the lid and turn it back on.

Other Solutions if the Touchscreen is Still Not Working

  1. The touchscreen of your Asus T100 might have been accidentally calibrated in an error. To fix this issue, you should try to reset the whole calibration. Move your mouse cursor to the top right, then move it down. The charms should then appear. Click on Search. Now, type calibrate and click on Calibrate the screen for pen or touch input. Click Reset on the window that opens.
  2. It might also be possible that the display screen of your tablet has a layer of water or oily film which is blocking the touchscreen. This is especially possible if you use it in a very steamy and humid environment, or after you have washed your hands and haven’t dried it off completely. Protection from this issue and other accidental damages can be prevented by using a smart cover.
  3. Inside the Human Interface Devices, there are four USB Input Devices. Right click on all of them, and go to Properties. Head over to the Power Management tab, and then deselect the option to allocate power. Finally, restart.
  4. If the problem still persists, update all the Important Updates and Optional Updates under Windows Update.

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