Are Tape-In Hair Extensions Better Than Hair Weaving?

Hair extensions have become very popular among women especially those women whose hair is thinning out. Apart from providing your hair with a good length and volume it also gives your hair a good style and color. There are different types of hair extensions available.  Tape in hair extension and hair weaving are the two best options.

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If you want to know more about the reasons for growing popularity of these hair extension types, then you can go through the discussion below:

Tape in Hair extension

If you do not have much time on hand, then this is undoubtedly the best option for you. This will take a maximum of two hours to complete. You have wefts that have a length ranging between 1.5 and 8 inches. Here your hair is sandwiched and then put in between the extensions. A reputed hair specialist will surely help you to get this type of a hair extension. This hair extension stays for around 4-6 weeks.


  1. If you apply for this hair extension from the best hair clinic in Delhi, then it will help you to get the best results. No heat is applied in this process, and so there are fewer chances of your hair getting damaged.
  2. A reputed hair specialist ensures that the hair extension does not cause much strain on your hair. So they try spreading it over a large area on the head.
  3. You can get a natural looking hair. The tresses lie flat on the hair which thereby provides it with a natural look.
  4. Tape in hair extensions from a clinic that provides best hair treatment in India can be reused for 6-8 weeks. This needs to be first removed with the help of a solvent and then reapplied.


This is a hair extension where a cornrow is created horizontally. Then your hair extension is sewed using a cotton thread or needle. Hair extensions are almost interlaced through your hair. If you get it done from the best hair clinic, then it will take around 2-4 hours and stay for about 2-3 months.


  1. Neither heat nor glue is required during application, so it does not damage the hair.
  2. You can apply silicone styling products as well as oil to this hair
  3. This type of an extension is best for thick hair
  4. If you maintain it properly, then it will last for 2-3 months.
  5. There are no gaps visible that makes this type hair extension look quite natural.
  6. This is ideal for people who have short hair
  7. It adds much volume to your hair

Hair extension is certainly a good option, but it is important for you to do it from a clinic that provides one of the best hair treatment in India. This will help you to get a very good result and will also provide you with very good value for your money. Apart from the types mentioned above, there are also other types of hair extensions available. You can choose the one that suits your needs and fits your budget.


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