Are Mushroom Growing Kits Worth It?

I have always loved mushrooms, and I am willing to try new foods. I am what some would call an adventurous eater,and I want to try as many fruits, vegetables and exotic dishes as possible. I bought a mushroom growing kit, and I did not know what to expect. It was not cheap, but I had always wanted to try growing my own. The only kinds of mushrooms available in my local grocery store are portabella, shiitake and the white button type, and I wanted something different. Are mushroom growing kits worth it? My personal experience will help you to decide.

Where is the Best Location to Grow Mushrooms Indoors? 

Are Mushroom Growing Kits Worth It?

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When wondering if mushroom kits are worth it, consider whether or not you have a good location before ordering a kit. They need to be kept in a cool dark place. Temperatures should range between 63 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit, and it should be humid.

I grew my mushrooms in my basement. The temperature and humidity must have been perfect. They seemed to explode overnight. A crawlspace or cellar would also provide the ideal atmosphere for growing mushrooms. If you keep your home cool, a dark closet would also work. Although it is said that conditions must be controlled, perfection is not required. Are mushroom growing kits worth it? They are if you follow the directions and provide the right care.

Are Mushroom Kits Worth It?

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Consider an Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit

If you want gourmet mushrooms with tremendous flavor, consider a Back to The Roots Organic Mushroom Farm. It is certified organic, and the kit includes a spray mister. You simply open the box, mist the growing medium twice each day, and wait for the mushrooms to grow. It will not take long. Before you know it you will see pinheads begin to emerge. When they stop doubling in size each day, they are ready to harvest and enjoy. I sauteed mine in butter. 

They Were the Best That I Have Ever Tasted

I have never forgotten the flavor of the mushrooms that I grew. They were phenomenal, and it was a fun and easy project. I enjoyed caring for the kit and watching the mushrooms emerge and expand. It was great to be able to grow something that I considered exotic in the basement of my home. They were the best that I have ever tasted.

Are mushroom growing kits worth it? I would definitely say yes. Fresh oyster mushrooms are not available in my local market, and even if they were, they would not have likely tasted as good as those that I grew. I am looking forward to buying and growing another kit.  

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