April Fools Jokes to Play on Your Boyfriend

It’s that time of year again, April 1 is coming and it is the one day a year when you can really get away with pulling a totally outrageous prank. No one is safe and your boyfriend is no exception as a matter of fact, he is the ideal choice.  If you are not quite sure how to fool him on April Fools Day, here are a few suggestions for April Fools jokes to play on your boyfriend. 

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Call your boyfriend’s cell phone and leave him a message at a time when you know he will have his phone turned off. Tell him that someone at work has two free tickets to whatever event you know he would love to attend. It could be a basketball game or a concert, whatever would be a big deal to him.

Tell him you need to know if he wants the tickets within five minutes or they are going to go to someone else. Tell him you are not sure he would be available on the day that the tickets are for so you need him to confirm that since it would not be fair to take the tickets if you cannot make it. At some point much later in the day you should get a hysteric call, giving you the go ahead to take the tickets. But alas, it is too late, gotcha. April fool’s. Too mean, well maybe a little but all is fair on April fool’s. After all, if you were really mean you would have called him and told him that the rabbit died.

Maybe you would like to wait for your prank until a little later in the day. Make sure you know exactly what time the numbers are drawn in your local lottery. You will need to have a lottery ticket, or at least an old one, for this joke to work. Suggest watching the drawing, saying you purchased a ticket today on a whim. Start to get excited after about three numbers. If you are the excitable type, feel free to start jumping up and down shouting I have four numbers, then I have five, we won, we won, oh my god, oh my god oh my god, we won. If he doesn’t start joining you, you haven’t convinced him but if he starts jumping and shouting and spending the money, you got him. April Fools.

This last joke  will only work if your boyfriend doesn’t work for the IRS or file a short return. You can make the call yourself but if you are afraid you will giggle or give it away, you can have a friend give him a call at work and tell him they are from the Internal Revenue Service.

The call will go something like this. Mr Smith, this is Harriet Jones, I am an auditor with the Internal Revenue Service. Your tax return for 2015 has come to my desk and there are some issues that I am going to have to talk to you about? There are several deductions that will need to be clarified? Can you come to my office tomorrow at 10 a.m. and bring all your tax records? If he is still breathing and hasn’t passed out, now is the time to say April Fools.

These are just a few suggestions for April Fools jokes that you can play on your boyfriend. But keep in mind, he will be playing some on you as well.


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