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Most women will start to look at anti-aging products on average when reaching their middle thirties.  However, it is not creams and lotions that will wave a magic wand and trigger a youthful appearance.  It all begins internally and the type of lifestyle lived in younger days.  We can not reverse the aging process it is part of life’s natural course but we can take steps to enhance the way we look and feel.

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Time changes many things, but time does not change the way our bodies work inside or out.  Our health and the way we choose to look after it will decide on how good we look and feel as we age.  A healthy lifestyle will result in our bodies thanking us for being kind, and our looks will keep a youthful glow into the mature years.


The Body’s Cells

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All living things have cells, plant life, human life and animal life.  These cells are the building blocks that keep the body running smoothly.  If the cells are not looked after properly they will malfunction causing all kinds of health problems to arise and our looks will certainly suffer.  The cells have functions to do and the most important are:

  • Nutrient intake
  • Reproduction
  • Growth
  • Waste Removal
  • Reaction to external changes

Each cell has protoplasm which is the nucleus in the centre of the cell this controls the activity of life, growth and reproduction of the cell.  Protoplasm is organic known as protein, fatty substances, carbohydrates, inorganic salts and water H2O.  There is a special protein within the nucleus called nucleoprotein.  This consists of a number of minute threads which are chromosomes.  There are 46 chromosomes in the human cell.  It is the chromosomes that decide what sex the foetus will be.  The chromosomes have a number of small portions called genes, these are part of the characteristics we inherit.


There are many radical chemicals out there just waiting to enter the body and cause all kinds of toxic havoc to our organs, skin and hair, causing damage to our health and looks.   If the diet is poor the free radicals will secure victory, leaving the body weakened and tired.  It is sort of like a battleground where the good needs to eliminate the bad.  Smoke in a cigarette is toxic and the air, in general, is full of pollution.   The body must work hard to keep these free radicals from causing too much damage to the system.  Free radicals create oxidation, this is like metal rusting or an apple browning with age.  If the antioxidant levels are lower than free radicals because of poor nutrition, the cells will become severely damaged. This affects every organ in the body and can cause diseases to develop such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, leaky gut syndrome and atherosclerosis.

Nutrition for Anti-aging

The system needs the correct nutrition to work properly.  Eating enough vegetables (preferably raw) and fresh fruit are the two most talked about foods when it comes to healthy eating. Dark green leafy vegetables are ideal.   Red meats in moderation, with poultry being a healthier choice. Nuts and seeds can deliver excellent nutrition, and these should form part of the diet.  Dairy produce provides calcium but should be eaten sensibly in small portions because cheese and butter contain high amounts of fat, reduced fat options are available.   The oils used to cook with are high in fats and best used sparingly.  Whole grains are better than refined because they still contain the bran and germ and are rich in vitamins, fibre and minerals.  Beans and pulses are other good foods.   Protein providers are eggs, meat, poultry, fish (especially the oily type), beans, nuts, quorn and soya.  Salt, used in tiny amounts; there are other alternatives to taste food.  Alcohol consumed in moderation with perhaps one or two drinks every few days. Smoking will seriously damage your health and looks.  Fatty, sugary foods and fizzy drinks will destroy the system and cause tooth decay.  Consuming large amounts of these types of food could lead to the heart’s arteries becoming blocked and a heart attack could occur.  Every organ will suffer from this type of constant poor diet, with no exercise.

The body finds it hard to cope with hot and cold foods, eating raw foods such as nuts and vegetables as often as possible will give the system a real boost.


Sometimes extra supplements in the form of capsules can give added support to the system like a vitamin B Complex, and Folic Acid.  Vitamin E is the beauty queen, which helps the skin to keep its youthful appearance. It is always a good idea to consult your doctor before taking any kind of supplement, especially if you are taking conventional medication.

Herbs can help the body’s system to perform more efficiently and enhance our looks and health.   Anyone considering taking herbs should consult their doctor, especially pregnant and nursing mothers, and those taking other forms of medication.

Exercise – Body and Mind

Our bodies need exercise to keep muscles toned and supple.  It will generate energy, relieve stress and increases the metabolism. If we adopt a healthy diet and exercise routine in our youth, we will become accustomed to this and carry it on as we mature but in a gentler form.  Other body organs will benefit from exercise, especially the heart.  If we increase our BMR (basal metabolic rate), this will help to maintain a healthy weight, or lose excess fat.  Below are some links to different forms of exercise.  Dancing and swimming are other types of exercise.   Tai Chi for beginners is a very simple 8-minute workout that will strengthen muscles and help with balance.

Chair Yoga –  exercise in a chair, very relaxing yet stimulating.

Wheelchair Yoga – this is brilliant for people who are wheelchair users. There is an introduction that takes around 3.45 minutes before the exercises begin.

The state of mind is just as important.  If we do not get the proper nutrition and exercise, this could cause anxiety, stress and depression.  This will have a huge effect on how we look and feel.  Our brain needs exercise as well as the body.  Keeping the brain active and not allowing it to become stale and lazy will deliver a more confident person. Simply doing a crossword, learning a new skill that needs thinking about are brain exercises.   Having a hobby is always a good thing and joining a club is an excellent way of socializing.

The Sun!

Always use a good skin screen protector against the sun.  Don’t sit out in it for too long periods of time you risk getting sunburned which is very painful.  The sun will age the skin prematurely and unprotected could result in serious skin cancer developing.   If you have very fair skin invest in a big floppy hat.  A hat for every skin type should be worn to help prevent sunstroke which is very unpleasant.  Wear the sun shades to protect your eyes they are just as important.  

Anti-aging Facial Exercises

If we do these anti-aging facial exercises, they will stimulate the blood supply, strengthen and tighten up the muscles. Some expressions we pull are unnecessary and this will leave a mark because every expression; whether smiling, laughing or frowning, will cause a movement in underlying facial muscles, which forms a groove perpendicular to the movement.  Here is a link to a website that has some good facial exercises.

Good nutrition, exercise and an active brain, enhances life’s experience.  When the mature years set in keeping as mobile as possible will enable us to enjoy the coming years and the rest of our lives.

© Jan Horner

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