Annabelle and Chucky -The Real Life Scary Dolls

Every Halloween, a new movie comes out featuring an icon for the season. No one ever suspected the doll though, until Chuckie that is. In 2014’s “The Conjuring”, Annabelle took Halloween by storm when she haunted a house and eventually ended up in a museum with other possessed artifacts.

But what if I were to tell you that these dolls were real, or at least inspired by real life scary dolls?

Robert the Doll is a fascination for many from his glass case in the Fort East Martello Museum in Key West, Florida. Robert the Doll was the inspiration for the Chucky movies that generations of children loved and feared throughout the years. Sadly though, Robert the Doll gets moved during the month of October. Read more about Robert here.

Annabelle is in fact real. Like in “The Conjuring”, two nursing students kept Annabelle after a medium told them Annabelle was a girl who had been found dead before their apartment was built, and her spirit attached to the doll. She was harmless. But that was all wrong, as the boyfriend was attacked one night.

When they called in Ed and Lorraine Warren, they immediately said that the doll was being manipulated by an evil demon that was after Donna’s soul. They took the doll back to Ed’s office while a blessing was given to the apartment. But the demon still moved around the doll. They tried to call in a priest for an exorcism, but the priest laughed it off saying it was just a doll. Unfortunately for the priest, demons do not like to be scoffed at, and the priest was found dead in a car accident after leaving Ed’s office.

Since Annabelle could not be controlled and the demon would not go on its own, Ed and Lorraine put the doll in a glass case just like the one that Robert the Doll is stored at in his museum.

It may be easier to see Robert the Doll though than to see Annabelle. The Warren Museum in Connecticut has been sold out, and it is open only during certain times. Until then, both dolls will be waiting for visitors from within the barriers of their glass homes as to not have physical contact with humans. But everyone is sure that the evil demons are also living in those glass cases waiting to be let out and free once again.


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