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Image source: snapshot from original DVD of SAO


Sword Art Online is actually a Japanese Light novel series written by “Reki Kawahara”. The success of the novel series encouraged author to adapt it into an anime. The anime adaptation of the Novel series is actually good and enjoyable. So for all you anime lovers here is my honest thoughts about Sword Art Online.

Story: {8 out of 10} 


“SAO’s virtual World” image source: snapshot from SAO’s original DVD


The plot was set in a near future where SAO-Sword Art Online is a virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer online Role-Playing game (VRMMORPG), released in 2022. Of course this game is different, as plot takes us to the future where technology is much more advanced  then present time. The game hardware includes Nerve Gear, a virtual reality helmet that stimulates the user’s five senses via their brain, players can experience and control their in game character with their minds.

I really liked the idea, the theme is really damn awesome and story is actually good. The players of SAO discovers that they are not allowed to log out until they clear the 100th  floor of the game’s tower which is the giant floating castle called Aincard. Moreover the most interesting thing about the plot which is really thrilling is that Death in SAO means the death in real world. Players death in SAO’s virtual world triggers the Nerve Gear to fry the brain of the actual body by emitting high frequency microwaves.


Character Development:{7 out of 10}


“Asuna ” image source: snapshot from original SAO DVD


“Kirito” image source: snapshot from SAO original DVD

The protagonist is a teenager boy Kirito(his character name in SAO) whose actual name is “Kazuto Kirigaya” who was actually one of the 1000 Beta testers who had played the game before its launch in order to find  any possible bugs. Other characters  includes “Asuna” , “Lizabeth” , “Silica” , “Yuki” , “Klein” and many others. But most of them have their appearance only for 1 0r 2 episodes and that’s why i  think this anime doesn’t have character development which  there should be. Kirito’s most close freind “Klein” didn’t even make his appearance in more than 2 or 3 episodes.

Action :{6 out of 10}


“A fight sequence From anime” image source: snapshot from SAO original DVD

There is not much action in this anime, though its theme demands it even then you will not get to see much action. There are some action sequences obviously but they are not that appealing. People who are looking forward for DBZ style  action in SOA will have to disappoint. Even the boss fights of SOA are not so thrilling. I give it 6 because some,  very few fights are exciting and enjoyable.

Emotions:{9 out of 10}  


“Kirito and Asuna” image source: snapshot from SAO original DVD

This anime is full of emotions and lovely bonds. It shows the viewers  how a person can love and cherish even when he knows that the world in which he is living is fake just a computer generated graphics and all the ecosystem it has is just a virtual reality. All the emotions are nicely presented. Believe me there are some moments which even made my eyes wet. Characters develops even more deep feeling of love ,sacrifice and compassion for each other with every episode. I really enjoy the bond between “Kirito” and “Asuna”. Its clear that there are characters with ill thoughts too and they are nicely portrayed in negative shades,perfectly reflecting their ill intents and hate. What more you can expect from an anime which have no real actors but yet emotions are amazingly reflected. Although it’s an anime even though it feels much more alive.


OVERALL SCORE {7.5 out of 10}

Overall this anime is really good and its absolutely a benediction to someone who is looking for a quality anime and had already watched some of the best ones. You will really enjoy the way characters had shown their emotions and reflected their feelings,the only downside is its action sequences which are little disappointing but hey they are not that bad. You will actually began to like them as story propagates. 

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