An amusing glitch in Communications


My wife and I are staunch supporters of the Lancashire – UK – based north-west air ambulance service. We help to fund-raise for them as they operate solely from charitable donations. That being so then each year  they send us a few books of tickets for their annual raffle. These we sell to neighbours and work colleagues as well as ourselves, usually without trouble as the air ambulance service do wonderful work on behalf of everyone in the north-west of England. It is a very necessary service for the public so we are happy to do our bit.

When we this year received our books of tickets they arrived not in an envelope as usual but a package. My wife Christine had spoken to a nice young woman at the service who had obviously misheard what had been requested. We usually have five books which tend to get sold quickly and my missus had asked for that number. Somewhere along the line of communication something unexpected took place and ended up receiving FIFTY!  What it was I think is that Christine had said that she sold the fifty tickets – ten per book – and needed another fifty. 

Of course the lady agreed but she had obviously heard the request as being for fifty books – 500 tickets – and sent them off right away.. Three days later the morning post arrived and we heard the postman knocking. Upon investigation he held out a package which of course contained the ‘requested’ books of tickets and some free pens. We both simultaneously cottoned on to the mistake and started laughing at the situation. We have never before tried to sell such a large number of tickets but we are doggedly pursuing every avenue we can think of.

To be honest we are both loathe to admit defeat by having to return any to the charity and can just picture the joy on the face of the woman who took the erroneous order. I have taken on my share of the responsibility and keep two or three books in my inside jacket pocket to try flogging to people I know as the weeks go by. I am certain we will sell the lot but it really is a challenge. Life really does have some odd moments at times, and that is what makes it so interesting and varied.

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