The Amazing Mathematical Artistry in Snow of Simon Beck


These absolutely beautiful crop-cirlesque giant drawings are all mathematical in nature. They have been designed and then created by British artist Simon Beck. To do these vast images he uses soft snow as his canvas and snow-shoes on his feet as the brushes. The stunning designs varying in subject from  snowflakes to much more abstract fabrications creations.  It is, he says a most worthwhile way of ensuring that he gets enough exercise walking in the shadow of white mountaintops, and at the same time creating truly massive works of art that are as temporary and ephemeral as the snow from which they are created.

 These truly enormous art works could easily be seen as giant wintry tributes to the phenomenon of crop circles. All are created m entirely by the feet of Beck whilst walking with quiet deliberation around these snow field atop frozen lakes,. His artwork bringing to life – at least as long as the capricious mountain weather allows – art installations on a scale few others could ever match. These are as you can clearly see both beautiful and breath-taking before the moody mountain winds wipe them away. Simon does first trace out each pattern first on graph paper but then he still has to physically create them

He alone performs this amazingly artistic work in the vicinity of the French Alp Ski resort of Les Arc  in which location he likes to  live  during those winter months. You should be aware that he does employ the use of an orienteering compass to assist him in ensuring that  the geometric designs he draws with those feet are as perfect as he can make them. In this gloriously scenic Savoie valley his wonderful patterned snow circles can be seen from those higher up the mountains decorating the normally blank expanses of the frozen lakes beneath the looming Mont Blanc, which overlooks these awesome art works.

 The beauty of the resort, indeed is such that it is rightly regarded as a wonder of nature the appeal of which can only said to be enhanced by Beck’s designs. He has been creating these fabulous designs now since 2004 each winter season, and as each snow fall occurs – sometimes even daily – he can be found outdoors designing and redesigning ever more intricate and wonderful patterns. He goes often over the same site used many times previously. In fact he only began creating these stunning scenes because foot problems had prevented him from running any longer and he saw this as good exercise.  In fact this Oxford University engineering science graduate maintains that some of his artworks require as much effort as climbing the mountains themselves would.

Each of this huge variety of mathematical shapes, which can often involve Beck walking his grid for over  nine hours at a time as he sets about laying down the meticulous patterned tracks he needs to complete the images he has designed. His main problem lies in the fact of each step on the unforgiving soft snow being done perfectly to achieve the incredible detail that is his trademark.

His greatest love in his designs is to produce mathematical patterns and he likes the images that can be attained using fractals. His preference is for his images to appear to have different effects viewed from different vantage points. More of his wonderful work can be seen on his Facebook page  –

He also enjoys the effect that the changing light throughout the day also has profound effects on the appearance of his artistry.  He always strives for a three-dimensional effect when taking photographs of his creations, which of course is the only way he can preserve them for posterity. His favoured time of day for camera use is when the sun is at its highest point, which of course leads to there being the sharpest contrast on the designs. Not that he always has success because at times he will be unable to finish a piece due to fresh snowfall. Indeed he has known just-finished pieces to get snowed upon before he can record them but he remains undeterred by such misfortune. This is to our great advantage and let us hope he carries on creating such amazing art in snow for many years to come.

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