Always Have Problems With Passwords

Years ago, when the Internet was new, we’d pick passwords we could remember.   Maybe they were weak, but they were easy. 

We used the same user name and the same password every where.  We knew our friend’s password because sometimes we’d log in for them and take their turns on Trade Wars, or check if anyone answered their email.

It was no biggie.  After all, Forge is my friend.  I can say, “Here’s money, buy me an Orange Juice when you pass the shop.”

For just about all purposes, in those early days, an easy password was good enough.  Why does one need a complicated password for one of those mail boxes used for non-secure communication, or a site where you post articles.

I agree, your Pay Pal password should be difficult to guess,  your online bank password as well.   Anywhere security is important, okay.   But not so complicated that you have to write it down.

But those are sites where you need security.  What about all those others which are demanding very complicated passwords?  Passwords so convoluted  you have to write them down.

You probably have been in an office and seen a ‘Post-It’ note with something like *U24#77abk}.   That’s the password. 

The other day I joined a new site; nothing secure, nothing financial, just a site.  And it demanded an 8 letter password with numbers, symbols and upper case.  I forgot it as I typed it.

Having to go back and forth to get a new password I wrote down, I spent the better part of 30 minutes looking for where I wrote it. 

I then got fed up, and went to another site and forgot about that one.

My most ridiculous experience was some new ‘storage facility’ where I would put a lot of my articles as a kind of ‘bank’.    I had to create one of those complicated passwords, which made me ask myself…why?  Free storage of stuff that was published already that I just wanted to keep a ‘copy’ of.  The Admin was firm.  So was I.  I logged off.

Being worried about security is not foolish, it is foolish when instead of the hacker trying to figure out what you would use all he has to do is look at your monitor, copy what is on that ‘Post-It’ note, and he’s home free all.

There has got to be a ‘happy’ medium.  A site which can warn you…”Your Password is Weak!” but accept it any way.  For nothing is weaker than a Password you have to write down.


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