All You Need to Know About AC-DC Power Supplies

To many people around the world, AC-DC refers to a popular heavy rock band from Australia, but the termactually relates to power supplies. Standing for alternating current/direct current, AC-DC power supplies are extremely common, and used in the majority of households and workplaces. Here is some handy information on AC-DC power and how it is used.

What is an AC-DC Power Supply?

An AC-DC power supply device converts the AC (alternating current) coming from an electricity source into DC (direct current), which makes it usable for electronic devices. Alternating current is created by electrons flowing in alternating directions, and is far more dangerous (should you be shocked by it). Direct current is created by electrons flowing in one direction, and is slightly less potent (although still capable of providing a shock).

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AC-DC power supplies come in many different forms, including regulated and unregulated, linear and switched. Different types are used for different applications, so those looking to create their own need to research them first.

What is it Used for?

Many electrical devices make use of AC-DC power supplies, and many future technological inventions will no doubt continue to do the same. They allow any given electrical device to take the current coming from the power outlet and use it (AC would be too powerful for many devices), as well as reducing voltage and enabling it to operate at its optimal capacity.

The electrical devices which make use of AC-DC power supplies could range from general household items like a television to industrial tools.

Are They Safe?

Most AC-DC power supplies should be safe, provided they come from a trusted manufacturer and are well maintained. As previously mentioned, they actually make electricity safer to use by reducing voltage and preventing devices from being overloaded with AC power.

Like with any electrical device, however, they are susceptible to faults, which is why it is important to replace certain parts if they show any signs of deterioration. For the most part, though, AC-DC power supplies should hold up fairly well, and form an essential part of the circuitry in households and workplaces alike.

This information should provide a foundation for learning about AC-DC power. It is possible to explore much further by looking at the theory behind AC-DC power, as well as how the power supply actually converts the current and how it may be used in the future.

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