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Just because some view a situation one way doesn’t mean others will. Some “perceptions” aren’t what we’d expect but everyone is entitled to have their own views. Never know what’s really occurring due to so many wanting to disconnect what shouldn’t even be disconnected. That’s why so many choose to keep their perspectives private. Can’t tell all what we’re really thinking now can we? 

What is seen may not always be so. That’s right. If we’re expected to get ahead in some way then we’ll have to keep somethings hidden. Oh of course some will go searching but what some may think they’ve found may not actually be the find. So until the find is to be found there will need to be continuous progress. There’s a lot to figure but some may never “figure out” certain information because not all is meant to find out. 

There will be some who will want to know everything that’s going on. They’ll keep looking for something that’s not even there and when not expected that’s when some of the information will come floating up. In time what needs to be said will and what needs to be “recognized” will. That’s why it’s important to be patient until the right time arises. So there will be some waiting involved. 

There will be a lot of opinionated individuals trying to dissect whatever is taking place. Of course some of the behavior may seem annoying but in order to continue on the path of progression there will need to be a whole lot of tuning out. “Some moments of silence” and a time when there will need to be some noise made. Some discussions in order to arrive in appropriate destination. 

Life can be filled with all sorts of problems which need solving and there will be some who simply can’t refuse trying to tell others how to “solve the problems.” Not all of the advice’s are right. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. The perceptions that so many have aren’t necessarily right or wrong. Perspectives are views and are like opinions in a way. What one may perceive may not seem correct to another so that’s why so many go searching for more because they’re unwilling to accept what’s been brought forth. 

The observations and notations will continue. There’s always someone wanting to know more. Some will try way too hard to seek what shouldn’t even be revealed to all. What we’ll need to know we’ll know and what we shouldn’t know won’t be revealed. Some information isn’t meant to be sought out just meant to be viewed by some and not by all. 

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Tanikka Paulk

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