Affiliate Marketing for Amazon ROCKS!

I Love Affiliate Marketing for Amazon

I’ve been affiliate marketing for Amazon since 2007.  I make the bulk of my annual income affiliate marketing for Amazon and I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to stay home with my kids and pay all the bills because of it.  No exaggerating! Anyone who knows me, knows that I am passionate about what I do.  I love the fact that I can write articles and blog posts and make money using Amazon’s affiliate program.  

Why Affiliate Marketing for Amazon?

It’s a well known fact that Amazon is the #1 online retailer in the U.S.!   They are one of the most-popular, most-trusted online retailers and they’re a household name.  Affiliate marketing for Amazon has been a huge score for my family because of the dominating presence of this beast.  

As an online writer, all I have to do is get someone over to Amazon and let Amazon do what they do best – SELL!  

Affiliate Marketing for Amazon RULES!

I can’t think of anything I would rather do but be an affiliate marketer!  Ever since I got a taste of affiliate marketing I was hooked – Umm.. free money?  Yes, please!

I made my first dollar and realized “I could make lots more dollars just like this one!”  Why isn’t everyone as excited as I am about this opportunity?!  

When you are affiliate marketing for Amazon there is no purchase necessary in order to be their affiliate, this is NOT like those MLM programs that force you to buy this and that and sell to your friends and family.  No thanks!

Affiliate marketing is simply placing links into your blog posts and articles and sending readers to a merchant site (like Amazon) to buy!  That’s it!  You don’t have to sell to your friends, your family, and you don’t have to kiss anyone’s butt to make sales.  

Residual Income with Affiliate Marketing for Amazon

affiliate marketing for amazonThis is RESIDUAL income!  Affiliate marketing pays over and over and over again without you having to do the work over and over and over again.  

How nice is that?? 

Blogging and writing articles about things I’m am interested in is NOT work to me.  

Once you write an article – it’s out there!  It’s ready to earn some cash!  Guess what?!  The more articles and the more blog posts you have with your affiliate links in them – the more money you make!  

Now you’re getting it!!

One well written blog post has the potential to pay me over and over and over again and all I did was write it once!  

How do you get readers to read your blog, let alone buy??

It all sounds great but how do I get the readers to my blog posts, right? 

SEO.  Plain and simple.  

I research the keywords that people are using to search for the things they want to buy.  I have an honest, practical way of using those keywords in my articles and blog posts to drive traffic from search engines to my website or articles.

That’s it!

It’s been 8 years now that I’ve been affiliate marketing for Amazon and in that time, I’ve gotten pretty darn good at it 😉  It doesn’t come overnight, but with the right coaching, you could easily come out the gate swinging in the right direction.   

Why pay for coaching?  Because you don’t want to start writing a ton of blog posts without the slightest clue about SEO.  That’s why.  .

Wouldn’t it be easier to learn how to write a blog post or article online the right way from the beginning?

Sure it would.  

That’s why you should get honest, practical help from people who have been doing this for a long time.   Surround yourself with people who are making money online and you’ll soon be making money online too.

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