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Isn’t it frustrating to post advertisements that don’t get results while other people are raking in the bucks? What are they doing to reach people that you aren’t doing? What can you do to reach people online, to sell anything (legal and allowed) from the items you have around the house to affiliate products?


No matter what you’re trying to advertise, being able to reach the people who have a need for your product, service, business, brand or anything that you’re trying to sell is very important if you want your business to thrive. After all, it’s difficult to generate sales to people who don’t even know about your product’s existence.

Let’s take a moment to go through a check list of the things you’ll need to do to help your ads to reach people and to increase your likelihood of gaining a higher conversion rate. No, this isn’t going to be some magic formula but doing these things can help you. As you know, customers are not only important to your business; they are the lifeblood of your business.


So as far as your business is concerned good advertisement, especially in the early stages, can be the difference between the life and death of your business. Many business owners give up before their business takes off and doing these few things can better ensure your chances of having highly successful conversion rates.


Improving Your Chances Of Conversions

Good Headline – You want to make a good first impression on the people you do reach and a good title is key. Your title needs to be relevant, short and memorable. It needs to really capture people’s attention because in many cases it will be the first thing they see.

Good Image – Other than a good headline you need a good image of what you’re trying to promote. Presentation is key. We wouldn’t eat recipes cooked by the world’s best chefs if they were served on a garbage lid, now would we?

Highlight the problem – Your potential customers are looking for solutions to their problems. So it’s a good idea to highlight the problems that what you have to offer is solving.

Solutions/Benefits – People need to know what your offer will do for them. Better yet, they need to know how what you’re offering will solve the problems that you’ve highlighted.

Evidence – People need to see some type of proof that what you’re claiming is true. That proof can come in the form of facts, people using what you’re talking about, testimonials, etc. For instance, some of the sites I use to earn money have people showing money they’ve actually earned. For my eBook, Your Internet Roadmap To Online Profits, I show proof that I’ve earned money online.

Bonuses – Promising people a bonus is one way to entice potential customers. Since it’s so common, it’s expected in a lot of cases. It also doesn’t hurt to over deliver as well so that when your customer receives their product they give positive feedback that encourages other customers. In fact, that’s how people who I’ve never talked to found out about my book, from other customers. It’s a reason my affiliate program should come in handy.

Call To Action – Face it. Even though you can lead a horse to the water but you can’t make the horse drink, you still have to lead the horse to the water. When I asked people to show me support I didn’t get many results but when I told people to support me by liking and/or sharing my link, it got me slightly better results.

Say what you want them to do, for example: “Enter your email for details” if you want to collect emails. There has to be something to compel them to share their email with you but you’d still have to ask. Do not expect for people to know what you want from them on their own. Tell them what you want them to do.


 Getting Your Ads To Reach People


After you’ve done all of this, this is a good start but if you’ve ever used classified advertisement websites like Backpage to try to sell something you realize how competitive it is to try to get your ads to stand out from other people. You need an advantage to be able to reach more daily leads and increase your chances of earning more money.

In order to do this you need an advantage, the type of advantage that only this powerful tool can give you. As long as you have this tool you’ll be able to literally post your advertisements on Backpage, the second largest classified ad listing service in the United States of America (after Craigslist), to over 500 cities at the same time without having to do it all manually. You are not allowed to do this on Craigslist. Plus, you can promote things on Backpage that you are not allowed to promote on Craigslist.


Just to recap:

  1. You’ll be able to post to over 500 cities without having to do it manually.
  2. You’ll have more freedom in what to sell or promote than some places.

Please don’t take my word for it but watch this video from a customer and see it in action for yourself while you still have time.



Once you’ve taken the steps necessary, not only can you create well thought out advertisements but you’ll be able to reach potentially thousands of customers every week.


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