Advantages That Television Channels Have Over the Internet

Original content is something that draws viewers to regular television and cable television channels. Certain networks even require additional payment to view this original content, such as HBO, the most popular and successful paid cable channel in the industry. This was always the advantage that television channels and movie houses had over the internet: they would always have the “first release” privilege, and power over what shows internet companies (as well as its pirates) acquired. Hastings and the creative executives at Netflix, not to be outmatched in any aspect of their business, decided to do something quite radical.

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They began sponsoring their own original content, creating shows that were exclusively released on Netflix. In effect, they decided to do precisely what HBO does, without upping their monthly costs. Late in 2013, Netflix surpassed the monthly subscribers of HBO, so their aspirations to emulate and challenge this aspect of the cable giant’s business model have apparently paid off. A large part of this success is down to their recent releases of original content, including the 4th season of the previously- cancelled Arrested Development, the dark “dramedy” Orange is the New Black, the horror thriller Hemlock Grove, and perhaps the gem of the endeavor, House of Cards. Starring Kevin Spacey, the Netflix Original Series House of Cards won an Emmy in 2013 for Best Director (David Fincher), making history by being the first non-TV network to win one of these prestigious awards for excellence on the small screen.

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This is a major step forward for the entertainment industry, showing that the traditional mediums for dispersal are no longer the only players in the game. The internet has continued to flex its muscles in new and innovative ways, and for a company like Netflix, which has made a reputation of thinking ahead and being the “first to the party,” this continued shift towards an online-dominated society has meant huge popularity – and profits. Other competitors have quickly jumped on the original series bandwagon. Amazon and Apple, just as they were with their own online streaming services, are considerably behind Netflix in terms of success and popularity. By the time they catch up with their own award-winning series, user-friendly interfaces, and impressive catalogue of offerings, it will come as no surprise if Netflix executives are already on to the next big thing.

Staying ahead of the competition is something that veritably guarantees your longevity, and with soaring profits in the past four straight quarters, it seems that Netflix has discovered the recipe for remaining on top. Know more about the advantages that television channels have over the internet only at the University Canada West.

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