Accomplishments Through Distance and Disconnections

Sometimes we’ll have to disconnect and keep the distance in order to get many tasks done. Some may not be concerned with accomplishing but in order to be apart of some “movement” there needs to be some disconnect. The disconnections will allow the focus to flow in. There’s so many ways to lose focus. When some are in competitive mode. There will be the disruptive tactics being thrown out. No dream or vision can shine if we’re focused on things with no importance. 

Trying to make some headway can occur if we put the nonsense away and just move fourth. Some situations will be avoidable but some issues can wait. Unfortunately  so many have to deal with disturbances through their technological devices. Which can be annoying but doesn’t make things inpossible. Not trying will is failure if we expect to get things done then we’ll have to find positive methods to do so. 

The best ways to be more “productive” is to remove the distractions such as the television or phone. Turning some thjngs off could help generate more productivity. Refusing to listen to disruptive communications will help. The goal should never be to stay behind. Some elevation should occur and we should be surrouded by people who want to observe “growth.” Not trying to pull others down. 

There’s no progress if we’re continuously focusing on the outside worlds activities. Yes, some important events may occur, but the focus should be on creating better living. There’s certainly a lot of chaos and when we’re in the middle of chaotic environments we’re not able to accomplish what we should. Ignoring a lot of the distractions will produce better results. 

Anyone trying to pull down is behind and perhaps aren’t beneficial to a journey. We will recognize which ones are capable of coming along but so many will not be equipped. The ones who have chosen to not live their dreams will probably be the ones trying to create a stop. There’s ways to avoid such disturbances. 

If the focus is redirected to the positives then there would be greater progress and so many feel better when there’s some “progression.” Especially if they’ll from others progressing. Those individuals should be the encouraging ones. Everyone should encourage someone. Instead of being critical. Even when the critics come out. The growth development should be strong enough to handle the critics. 

Sometimes we’ll have to find a quiet space and just get the work done. Completing some tasks will get the “visionaries” closer to their chosen destination. A place where they’re able to be more effective. We simply don’t have to be consumed with work but there should be enough work completed to consider a leep. Moving up requires doing something different at some point. 

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Author’s Notes: Observation Article. Life Experiences and the Ability to be Productive Even When Chaos Occurs. 

“Growth Occurs When There’s Distance From the Disruptions.” By: Tanikka Paulk 

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