Accessorizing a Simple Gray Dress

scarfAccessorizing a simple gray dress will depend on the occasion for which it is being worn. You will not use the same accessories when you are wearing the dress to work as you will if you are wearing it to church or to a party. Yes, you can wear a simple gray dress to a party just as you would wear a little black dress.

Leather belt

Depending on the waistline of the dress, either a very thin or a wide belt makes a great accessory. Obviously, this is not a good idea with an empire style dress, but it works nicely with a natural waist dress. There are many colors that go well with gray, including black, red, pink and yellow. Purple would provide a great pop of color and dark blue provides a nice contrast.

Statement necklace

The style of necklace that you choose will be determined by the neckline of the dress. If the neckline is high, a longer style of necklace will work best. If the neckline is lower, either scooped or square, then a shortened necklace to fill in the opening is perfect. If the occasion is dressy, a pearl necklace is a classic choice. To create a focal point, a larger, bolder statement necklace is the way to go. There are great acrylic necklaces in a wide selection of colors or heavy gold or silver chains.

Knee-high boots

Knee high black leather booths are a great accessory for a simple gray dress. Leather books work no matter what the length of the skirt. Boots work in most climates three seasons of the year. In the summer, sandals or strappy heels are a better choice for footwear. Boots can be worn flat for a more casual look, or with high heels for a dressier feel.

Colorful bangles

Bangles bracelets are a stylish fashion accessory. They come in many colors and the current fashion is to wear multiple bracelets. This can be done all in one color or in a variety of colors. They are available in a selection of materials as well; metal, acrylic and wooden, just to name a few. They can be worn on one wrist only, or both with equal ease.

Sweater or shrug

With a simple gray dress, a bright sweater or shrug is a practical accessory. Not only does it change the look of the dress and perhaps add some color but it can add some needed warmth on a chilly day. Sweaters come in so many styles and colors that you could make a simple gray dress look different every day of the week.


For an evening on the town, a soft and pretty pashmina can turn a simple gray dress into evening wear. Again, as with the sweater, a pashmina is a practical and warm accessory.


A scarf can totally change the look of a dress. Adding a colorful or patterned scarf, tied in a creative way, can add a whole new look to your simple gray dress. It won’t be simple any more.


It goes without saying that a woman will carry a purse. Gray is a neutral color so just about any color purse will be a great accessory. For evening, carry a clutch; for daytime, take a practical bag that can carry whatever you need for the day. It’s all good.

A simple gray dress is the perfect canvas for the creative use of accessories. From a simple pair of earrings and a watch to a red beret, there are literally hundreds of ways to accessorize your simple gray dress.

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