2011 Academy Awards Red Carpet: Best Dressed

The 83rd Annual Academy Awards have come and gone and what is left to decide is who set the red carpet on fire with their great dresses and who fizzled. As usual, all the experts are not in agreement about who was actually the bested dressed but there were some that almost everyone felt hit the mark.

While it appears that there is a mixed reaction to the hosting job done by James Franco and Anne Hathaway, there is no denying that her seven wardrobe changes were all winners. From the glitzy tuxedo by Lanvin to the silver fringed beauty from Oscar de la Renta, Anne was a vision of fashion. It was almost magical the way her gowns seemed to change. She has certainly proven that there is hardly a color in the world that doesn’t look stunning on her as she changed from red, to bright blue and then silver and white. Anne_Hathaway_2011

Another gown that seems to have found favor with almost everyone was the flirty lavender number worn by Mila Kunis. The Black Sean co-star proved that less can be more with this lovely gown which had a lacy inset in the neckline that outlined her breasts looking almost like henna tattoos. Her makeup was subtle as well. Somehow she seemed more natural than many other stars.

Gwyneth Paltrow won high marks for a gold fitted dress that screamed of old Hollywood glamour. This dress was from Calvin Klein and was very figure flattering to the tall and uber slim Paltrow. Looking at her, it is hard to imagine that she is the mother of two. With her very light hair and gold pumps, she looked a little like Oscar herself.

Jennifer Hudson was sporting not only a very attractive tangerine Versace gown but also her new figure that she owes to Weight Watchers. She seemed quite comfortable in her new body though the train on her dress had to be carried for her as she walked away from the interviews. She is statuesque and her slim but curvy figure did justice to the gown.

Sandra Bullock who has had quite an eventful year since her 2010 win at the Oscar’s, was stunning as usual in a red Vera Wang dress. No one wears red better than Sandra and it was refreshing to see her smiling and happy and talking about her son Louis. The simplicity of Vera is well suited to both Sandra’s figure and her personality.

Mother to be Natalie Portman wore a very pretty aubergine gown from Rodarte that did little to disguise the baby bump but maybe she didn’t care to pretend her figure isn’t filling out. Her earrings looked a bit like they belonged on a pillow or curtains but the dress itself was flattering to her figure and coloring.

Halle Berry could wear a potato sack and look glamorous but of course she didn’t. Instead she looked her usual stunning self in a nude gown from Marchesa. On anyone else, this gown might have come off as too busy but on Halle it was a winner.

The 2011 Academy Awards were the time to pull out all the stops and dress to impress and these stars did just that. They grabbed our attention and for all the right reasons.

Photo credit:  “Anne Hathaway 2011” by Mingle MediaTV. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons – http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Anne_Hathaway_2011.jpg#mediaviewer/File:Anne_Hathaway_2011.jpg

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