About creative photography

About creative photography

There are different fields of photography that is pursued by people across the globe, of which a popularly followed one is creative photography. It is considered to be an open field that can be availed by everyone. The truth is, no definite definition is present for this term. However, according to some, creative photo can be termed to be something which is both out of focus and abstract. The others assume it to be a fun way towards praising overall poorly taken photo. Some artists are of the opinion that creative photography is something which comprises of additional elements that are used for the purpose of improving the photo’s original version in a creative manner.

Things to understand

  • Intent: Also known as intentional using of additional elements. Photographers tend to lack extra creativity, while taking photos. It is for this reason, deriving proper camera exposure is not likely to make the photo to feel or appear creative. However, the intentional underexposing of having an objective to derive darker image may add additional touch of creativity.
  • Extra elements: These are mainly present outside the regular procedure of taking a photograph. Also is present excess space for interpretation. Some simplistic type of workflow is included by the creative minds in photos. They can be complex or simple as desired. The main objective is to derive the very best from the single photo.

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What is needed for good photography?

While capturing properly exposed image of any subject, no artist is likely to consider the same as creative sample. The reason is because nothing external of the regular photography workflow had been utilized to capture the image. Some of the real factors used are the location, timing, lighting, etc. However, without appropriate post processing skills, it is simply not possible to bring out the best colors along with other essential details in the image.

On comparing non-stylized photo with anything that is captured under harsh light, shallow DOF (field depth) including rule of 3rds, it is possible to come up with an image which will make the audience to dram whatever the image showcases. Using this particular approach towards photography, not every artist is likely to admit that the work has creative touch. However, when taking the above definition into consideration, the intent and additional elements could prove to be nature itself.

It is quite obvious for people to differentiate between non-creative and creative photography. Similar to art, no particular pattern exists which will provide proper direction. No definitive answer exists to know as to what exactly makes the photographer creative. This is because unlike that of photography’s technical side  that has well  defined workflow, creative part simply lacks it. This can be all the more exciting and challenging part within the domain of creative photography. Hence, there arises a need to undergo creative and fashion photography classes in Delhi.

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