A Writers Dream?

 It is barely three years ago now that what was an outrageous, tongue-in-cheek publishing phenomenon took the student world by storm. In 2011, the so-called ‘Professor’ Sheridan Simove came out with a 200 page – that is in theory anyway – publication that fulfilled the wet dreams of every would be author out there, because it was, in fact, completely empty, apart from than the words on the title.

Intriguingly entitled – What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex – this so-called book, despite the obvious shortcomings, actually got to a quite staggering 744th place on the Amazon best-seller list of the time. Claiming, in the blurb about it on Amazon, to fully explain the complex secrets of a man’s mind that had previously eluded science.

The book apparently details the things, other than sex, about which men actually think about, the so-called professor, in the course of this groundbreaking book, revealing the true depth of a man’s mind, after years of painstaking research. Among the comments in favour were the observations that, not only does the book take but seconds to read, but it also gets you thinking, oddly enough, about sex!

This clever, witty and wonderfully conceived book did, at the time, absolutely rocket up the best-seller charts, selling  more copies to an eager public – albeit very briefly – than either Dan Brown or J K Rowling. This comic volume even featured on the ITV show hosted by Lorraine Kelly, who was full of praise for this notebook with the strange cover.  

If the genuine aim had been to show clearly what, other than sex, might possibly occupy male thoughts, then the outrage expressed by some for so-called type-casting might have been justified, but writer Simove, tongue stuck very firmly in cheek, stridently insisted that years of intensive research had led to the realization that men think of absolutely nothing apart from sex.

The £4.69 journal – an expensive notebook, I think – became a 2011 campus craze amongst UK students, and perhaps quite rightly so. I have no idea how other writers, or wannbees, will view this, but I personally am just full of admiration.  The foresight of the publishing company and for the sheer cheek of it deserved all the success it had, and I salute this cheeky chap, who realized his dream of becoming a published book author without writing a single word. What a stroke of genius this was.

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