A Stylish Baker’s Rack for a Vintage Kitchen

A baker’s rack is a stylish and practical addition to just about any kitchen, and it is a phenomenal choice for a vintage-style home. Not only does it serve as a decorative furnishing, but it also provides several feet of vertical storage space. It is difficult to find the perfect piece in retail stores since most furniture retailers cannot offer a large selection. The Internet is your best source since you will find dozens if not hundreds of fantastic options. Consider buying a stylish baker’s rack for a vintage kitchen, and discover how it can be used to enhance the beauty and functionality of the room. 

Begin by Determining the Amount of Available Space

Before selecting a stylish baker’s rack for a vintage kitchen, consider the available space. Baker’s racks come in various heights, depths and widths. If you have a small kitchen, select a furnishing that will not overwhelm the room. If floor space is greatly lacking, consider a wall-mounted rack. In any case, do not make the mistake of cramming the room with unnecessary furnishings and decor.  The kitchen will look cluttered, inadequate and smaller than ever if it is overfilled. It is best to select a few top-quality pieces that serve a valuable purpose rather than several cheaper items. 

A Stylish Baker's Rack for a Vintage Kithen

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Enjoy the Beauty and Durability of Real Wood and Metal

When looking for a stylish baker’s rack for a vintage kitchen, consider the Coaster Dirty Oak Finish Metal & Wood Baker’s Kitchen Rack with Drawers. It is aptly named Dirty Oak because the finish is somewhat darker than standard oak. It oozes with vintage style. As you can see from the photo, it would be a phenomenal choice for a kitchen with old-fashioned flair. It provides plenty of open storage space, and it offers two handy drawers that would be perfect for holding flatware, utensils, miscellaneous kitchen tools, paperwork and more.

It is a Stylish Baker’s Rack for a Vintage Kitchen

The Coaster Home Furnishings Dirty Oak Baker’s Rack has two upper shelves. It also has a lower metal shelf and a handy wine bottle rack that holds six bottles. Even if you do not drink wine, the holders are a nice feature. They could be used to hold decorative glass bottles for color and visual interest. It could also be used to hold bottles of infused vinegar and oil.  It truly is a stylish baker’s rack for a vintage kitchen. 

A Blue Glass Beverage Dispenser with Spout

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Create a Beverage Center with a Vintage Coffee Grinder and More 

A display place for collectibles is an obvious use for a baker’s rack, but if you are not quite sure what to display, how about setting up a beverage center? If coffee is one of your beverages of choice, add a vintage coffee grinder and an assortment of dry roasted coffee beans in old-fashioned canisters. Store coffee mugs and decorative dessert plates on the middle shelf. Use the very top to hold items that are solely decorative and/or lightweight and seldom used.  

When decorating with a stylish rack for a vintage kitchen, another fantastic addition is the Yorkshire Circleware Glass Mason 2-Gallon Beverage Dispenser. Store it on a tray to protect the wood surface below from drips and spills. The beverage dispenser would beautifully coordinate with antique blue canning jars. A glass beverage dispenser serves double-duty as an eye-catching decorative piece. Best of all, it would look great on the Coaster Dirty Oak Baker’s Rack or any of the other racks that have gorgeous vintage style.

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