A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Achieving Hollywood Hair

Have you ever wanted a Hollywood hairstyle, but did not have the time or energy to do it? Are you someone that is after a hairstyle that is going to catch eyes and drop jaws? Are you someone who needs a quick and easy solution to a drop dead gorgeous hairstyle? Fortunately, even a lazy girl can achieve a Hollywood hairstyle. Just because a style looks good, it does not mean it requires a lot of time and effort to accomplish. In fact, a large number of Hollywood hairstyles can be achieved just by knowing a few simple tricks and tips.

The sleek and simple Jessica Alba look is possibly one of the easiest Hollywood hairstyles to achieve. In fact, all you need is a little styling gel, a fine-toothed comb, a hair type, some bobby pins, and a little hair spray. You are going to start out by applying a quarter sized portion of styling gel to your hair. Then, you are going to part down the middle of your hair and brush it back with the fined-toothed comb. After that, you can twist the back of your hair into a bun and secure it with the bobby pins. Lastly, you just have to finish your hair off with some hairspray in order to hold your beautiful hairstyle in place. All it takes is about five to ten minutes for you to achieve this beautiful and simple Hollywood hairstyle.

For those of you lazy girls who idolize Taylor Swift, her vintage updo hairstyle is also extremely easy to achieve. In fact, all you need is a curling iron, hair tie, hair spray, and a few bobby pins. First, you are going to part your hair down the middle. Then, you are going to secure the left side of your hair with a loose ponytail. You can use the bobby pins to secure the hair into this ponytail. After that, you will curl the right side of your hair with the curling iron. Lastly, you just have to spray down your hair with some hairspray to finish off the style and to hold it in place for the day. This hairstyle only takes about five or ten minutes to do on top of the amount of time it took your curling iron to heat up. Most curling irons will heat up and be ready to go in the amount of time it takes to get the left side of your hair ready for this Hollywood style.

For the extremely lazy girl, there are steps you can take to beautify your hair without using any styling techniques at all. For example, it is highly suggested that anyone who wants to achieve beautiful hair should take multivitamins every day. This is going to help your hair shine and sparkle as if you were a movie star. Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary for you to wash your hair every single day. In fact, washing your hair every single day can make it oily and hard to manage. For the average lazy girl, this is a dream come true. Knowing that there are going to be days where you can get in the shower, but do not have to worrying about shampooing and conditioning your hair.  To maximize the health of your hair, you can usually get away with washing your hair every other day or every two days.

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