A Guide to Hire Content Marketing Writers with Contentmart

Making the debut to any of the freelancing platforms is always a difficult task as it is a new platform and things are not clearer on the first stage. Contentmart is that platform which does have only simpler structure but also the projects are very easy to post and get the content writers. What does the Contentmart offer? How to start with Contentmart as a content seeker? What are the charges as a client? The answers to all the questions are described below.

Getting the content from top content writers is the basic motto of every content seeker. We all want the content to be of the best quality and also which should fit our pockets. The content should be made available within Deadline stipulated and in the language you want in. This all the functions are easily available with Contentmart. The sign-up process is free and also the project posting and accepting the order is also free. So you need to pay zero pennies for entire content to the Contentmart. You just need to make the payment to the copywriter. As the demand is rising for the content, the consequent demands for content writers have also increased which has given birth to the incorporation of Contentmart.

The following is the procedure through which you can start getting from Contentmart:

Step-1: Visit Contentmart.com click on the Register button

Step-2: You would be asked two options – As a Writer or As a Client, choose “As a client option”

Step-3: Now you need to create your profile by mentioning your basic details such as Name, Location, Email Id, Phone number, and many other things.

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Step-4: After creating the profile, you need to create the order for the project you need the content for. The following details need to be mentioned.

  1. Name of the Project
  2. Order Details – What you want in the article or the blog or the content. Complete workflow should be mentioned.
  3. Deadline within which you want the content
  4. Category – What is the subject of your write-up
  5. Required Expertise – What you want the educational qualifications in the Freelance writer
  6. Language of content
  7. Price – There are two components involved in it. They are:
    1. Price per word
    2. Price per order
  8. No. of Articles
  9. Words size

Step-5: Now you can give this project to a particular copywriter or else give it to the public.

Step-6: If the order is public, you will start receiving the bids from the content writers. You can choose any of them which you think is eligible.

Step-7: For giving the order to any of the freelance writers, you need to make the payment of the agreed value, which would be blocked till the Freelance writer does not give the article. It would be released only after the content is approved by you.

Step-8: This is the last step where you need to review the copywriter and give the ratings to him/her on basis of the content.

These steps are very simple to follow once it is performed practically. This platform gives benefits to both the content seekers and the person finding for good content writing jobs in India.

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