A guide to buying a used outboard motor

When you own a boat there are a lot of expenses. You need to keep your boat in good repair. You may also have to pay for a place to store your boat in the off season and to launch it. All of these can be very expensive. When you want to upgrade or replace your outboard motor you will find out what the greatest expense of all is, a new motor. The good news is there are usually a good supply of used outboard motors available for sale so that you can find one that will fit your needs.

Know exactly what you are looking for. It is important to buy a used motor that will work on your boat. With most boats there is a maximum horsepower motor that will be safe. You don’t want to over power the boat or cause damage to it. What you plan to use your boat for is an important consideration. If you are going to pull a water skier you need a more powerful engine than if you are going to be fishing with the boat.

The first place to look into buying a used outboard motor is at your local marina. Many marina sell motors and take used motors as a trade in. They then resell the used motors. At the marina you will most likely get some sort of a warranty and they are also knowledgeable about which motor works best on boats of specific size. It is a safer choice if you can find one to meet your needs.

Remember when buying a used motor that it is buyer beware. Always make sure that the motor is in operating order. Even at someone’s home a motor can be started with a barrel of water. Never buy a motor without having test driven it. This goes for ones that are being sold on sites such as eBay and Craigslist especially.

Check the bulletin board at the local grocery store, the closest tackle shop and even camp grounds. These bulletin boards are often used by local people as a way to advertise their used motors for sale. You can also put up a card of your own stating what you are looking for but never put your address on the card.

Word of mouth is a great way to let people know what you are looking for. Tell everyone at work, talk to other boaters and leave word at the marina that you are in the market for a used motor.

Tag and garage sales are also a way to find a used motor. It may take a while but if you are persistent you will find exactly what you want.

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