A Friendship Prayer


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A prayer for best friends

Everyone has friends.

You may have friends, good friends, casual friends and best friends.



Who are my friends?

  • Friends are the people who are usually by your side when you are in good or bad times.
  • Those friends who hide away from you when you are down and out, are not friends, they are parasites. They share your fortune and luck but not when you are unlucky or having difficult situations.
  • Your family members can be your best friends too. My mom was my best friend, a person        whom I can confide without any worries. She can hold all my interest in her heart and soul, someone whom I can rely on when I am in trouble, physically or mentally.
  • Friend is someone whom you can trust, share and a shoulder to cry on when you need           someone badly.
  • The best time to test your friendship with your friends is when you are hit with crisis, be it financial, relationship or work problems that needed external help besides family members.
  • The person who never gives you up, welcomes you with open arms , gladly render his help         even though you had not open your mouth and offer a roof over your head when you have               no where to stay, that is “a friend in need is a friend indeed”.


Do you pray for your best friends?

Yes, I always pray for their safety and health. I pray that our true friendship will make us richer           not poorer, stronger not weak, noble and not evil.


Here is a short Friendship prayer :

Father, keep safe for me those whom I love;

I am lonely without my best friend.

Protect them and let their thoughts bear fruit that will honor your name.

When they feel sad, help them to be patient and to trust in you and your mighty power.

When they take their rest at night, keep all evil away from them.

In the morning, renew your goodness to them.

Give them the joys on Earth which you have made for pure souls.

Lead them one day into your kingdom where they will praise your name forever.

This I ask through Jesus Christ my Lord,



This prayer is suitable for the people you love and care.

It could be your best friends, friends or casual friends.

Pray for them, pray for your friendship to bloom with trust and forever bonding.


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