A Disturbed and Out of Control Society

Doesn’t appear as if society is getting any better. The behaviors of most continues to cause a decline within our society. There seems to be little to no rules or at least there’s different rules depending on the persons. No racism hasn’t ceased. In face it appears there’s some sort of “modern day slavery” taking place even in 2017. As if we’re taking some sort of back in time trip when slavery occurred. There’s a lot of chaos and so many appearing to be in desperate situations. Imagine being exposed to environments where there’s always some confusion going on. 

Some not willing to accept or understand but would rather continue to bring a Nation down. Not using good judgement which ever person has been a victim of not using good judgement but some continue to just disallow any of the laws that’s been placed. There appears to be a disconnection within the races. Some are quite spoiled and want their way but aren’t willing to solve any problems. Just continuing to create more and more problems. Refusing to allow others to be apart of society, causing an “economic” ruin, very disturbed. 

Not considering the damaging effects of pulling others down. The thoughts should be on “establishing” a stronger economic system and not on whether Joey is dating Susie. Priorities are certainly out of whack. There is no privacy so therefore privacy laws have been broken. Some not concerned about their own well being because they’re continuing to take risks which can land the persons in prison and there goes more costs.

Instead of individuals seeking “ways to advanced.” They’re focusing on making sure others aren’t excelling which is a bad idea because the economy is in great shape. There’s a lot of people struggling. Too many are being deceptive in order to make sure others are building up. A stronger society will create better living. Perhaps some don’t think on those terms but by not doing so. They’re placing the United States in a crisis. 

There’s already a homelessness problem and when they’re knocking others down then there will also be some who will probably lose their homes. Taking from others is bad decision making. Not connecting and causing more declines will certainly create more madness. Some are behaving as if they’ve lost their minds. It’s as if there’s no thinking going on. Just reacting to whatever some feel they’re in disagreement with. refusing to accept that certain “races” will achieve and there shouldn’t be any deceptiveness which includes trying to take away from one group to give to another. 

There shouldn’t be any race battles going on. Competition between the black and white. The “lies told” and the ones who invent seem to have difficulties keeping their work intact because some are so bullheaded trying to claim their work. Instead of creating their own. That’s where we are today. The Nation is certainly unbalanced. A lot of instability and not enough togetherness. Threats directed at citizens in order to try and win. Some rather win than to work towards a better living. 

It’s unfortunate that our society is riddled with mad scientist thinking. Not considering how they’re hurting the economy. “There’s a war within our society.” Too many are causing destruction and doesn’t appear as if there’s any reasoning going on. What will happen to the United States? Other countries must be asking the very same question? The leadership is hard to find. There’s the growing abuse of power issues and there needs to be some solutions or we’ll all suffer. 

“Yes Society is Broken and Needs Strong Leadership to Help With the Repairs.” By: 

Tanikka Paulk

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