A Car Acquisition Hack That Will Pay Your EMIs

Car buying can be a tricky prospect. On one hand, the undeniable gifts of freedom and mobility await you. On the other hand, you will be adding a huge financial liability in the form of monthly car payments, and this goes on for years. However, as imposing a prospect as it seems, there is a smart workaround.

Reduce your car finance burden drastically by signing up for a transparent shared ownership model. Zoomcar Associate Program allows you to own your dream car and earn extra money too, so you can negotiate those EMIs with ease. After buying your new car and completing the necessary prerequisites, you can list it on the Zoomcar platform when you do not need it. The car then earns money on the road for you, in fact, some ZAP participants bring home almost 20000 rupees a month. That takes care of the EMI and much more!

If you choose to buy your car with Zoomcar’s help, there are certain advantages. The company has a great relationship with some of the top car manufacturers in India such as Maruti, Hyundai, Tata, Mahindra, and Volkswagen. Leveraging this connection, you can get a discount on the price of your new vehicle. ZAPsters can also browse Zoomcar’s nationwide network of car finance providers and get the interest rates that you want. If you already have a new car and it spends too much time in the parking lot, you can join the ZAPster revolution and use it to bring in some extra income. The assurances provided by the ZAP also give you the chance to buy a more expensive model, something you may not have considered if you had to do it on your own.

To get started as a ZAPster, your new car needs to be registered as a commercial vehicle – that is the law. The license needs to be registered under Zoomcar, so you do not have any liabilities while it is being listed. One of the major additions to your car will be Cadabra, a smart tool. Cadabra monitors every aspect of your car, from the health of important components to clutch usage and more. It sends alerts to you so you can facilitate some preventive maintenance, potentially saving yourself thousands of rupees.

As a ZAPster is that you have control over when you want to list the car on Zoomcar’s platform. This way, you get the best out of your new acquisition while also ensuring it is earning you income when you don’t need it. You are not required to interact with Zoomcar customers and the listing process is very easy – it is done on the app. Billing is very transparent so you will know exactly what you are getting paid for.

Buying a new car usually comes with a bit of compromise, as you accommodate an extra liability by cutting down on your own lifestyle. But there is no need for cutting corners anymore. With ZAP, you can enjoy this life-defining acquisition with an open heart, and relish the privileges of a car owner without constantly calculating at the back of your head.

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