A Brief Introduction to Tractor Accessories for Better Farming

The increasing yields from agriculture are the direct result of the high quality and power of today’s tractors that are used in farms all across the country. The use of tractors on farms allows multiples of increases in the productivity of farms, thus tractors are usually the most common tool found on farms. Tractors are used to carry mounted and semi-mounted equipment as well as to transport equipment and materials.

The three point hitch behind tractors allows for a wide variety of attachments to be used behind a tractor. Lower lift arms on the tractor swing side to side and allow the use of implements of varying widths and also change the angle at which an implement is being pulled. When a tractor is pulling a ground engaging implement such as a disc such side to side motion can be advantageous.

However at certain times it may be desirable to prevent such motion and for an implement being pulled by the tractor to remain stable. Such cases call for the use of a tractor stabilizer bar which prevents the implement being pulled by the tractor from swinging side to side. Stabilizer bars are not recommended to be used when a tractor is carrying tillage equipment such as plows, harrows and cultivators but work very well for carry-all’s, pallet scoops, rear scoops, post hole diggers, mower’s, rear blades and other implements that work best when they are locked directly behind a tractor.

Stabilizer bars come in a kit which usually consists of the following components to be used with each stabilizer bar.

  1. One L-Bracket

  2. 1 Short Category 1 pin

  3. 1 Keeper Chain and lynch pin

  4. One Stabilizer bar, two to stabilize both arms

Other uses of tractor accessories which can be used on a farm the use of which leads to more efficient farms are as follows:

  1. Carry-All’s are extremely useful and an essential item at any farm. The use of these items allows farmers to carry otherwise heavy items with ease behind their tractors. As running a farm requires the movement of a great deal of goods and equipment from one end of the farm to the other, a carry-all is an essential farm accessory. The tractor stabilizer arm allows tractors to attach a carry-all with ease and stability.

  1. Mowers are an essential tool at farms which are often the backdrop of a great deal of vegetation, wild grass and trees. Mowers are needed to get rid of wild vegetation and the ability to attached them to the back of a tractor allows them to the driven to parts of the farm some distance from where such mowers are usually kept such as barns or machine shops.

  1. Rear Blades are useful at a farm for things such as moving soil and gravel. Most rear blades come with features to enhance their use, this means they can be tilted and adjusted to any angle so desired. They drastically cut down the time required at a farm when it is required to move any obstacle in the farm or when earth needs to be moved to a desirable location at the farm.

All three of the above mentioned accessories can be attached to a tractor by using a stabilizer arm.


With continued advances in farm technology over time, the output per farm across the country is likely to continue to grow for many years to come.

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