9 Steps to Quickly Prepare Your Home For a Showing

Your real estate agent has sent you a text message. He or she will be stopping by your home in an hour with a few buyers who are interested in your home. Is your home ready for a showing? Fortunately, there are 9 steps you can take to quickly prepare your home for this unexpected showing.

Step One: Mini Cleanup

You are going to quickly go from room to room with hard surface flooring to spot sweep and mop them. This is just a quick cleanup to get any debris or spills off the floor.

Step Two: Dusting the Furniture

Use a duster or a towel to wipe down all of the furniture in the house. This includes both solid furniture such as desks and seating furniture such as couches and chairs. You want to make sure the potential buyers cannot draw dust lines on any of the furniture.

Step Three: Wiping Down Countertops

Quickly wipe down the countertops throughout the house to remove any grime or debris. You want the countertops to look free of blemishes during the showing.

Step Four: Making Any Beds

You will want to quickly make all of the beds in the home. Use a clean comforter or sheet to lay overtop of the bed and pillows. Consider spraying a mild air freshener overtop of the bed to give it a new and clean smell.

Step Five: Emptying All Garbage Cans

You do not want potential buyers to smell even a trace of garbage in your home. Empty all trash cans and put empty trash bags in them. Make sure you empty every garbage can in the home.

Step Six: Vacuuming Carpets

Go over the carpet floors in your home with a vacuum. This will remove all of the dirt and dust from the carpets. Even if the carpets do not look dirty, it is a good idea to vacuum them in case the potential buyer has allergies.

Step Seven: Turning on the Lights

You want to make the home warm and inviting during the showing, this is hard to do if the home is dark and gloomy. Turn some lights and/or lamps on in every room of the house. This will make it easier for the buyer to get a good look.

Step Eight: Load the Dishwasher

Load any dirty dishes into the dishwasher. If the dishwasher is being sold with the home, consider running the dishwasher during the showing to demonstrate that it works. You do not want dirty dishes to be out for the buyer to see.

Step Nine: Pick Up Each Room

You are going to want to give each room one last check. You are looking to see if there is anything you need to pick up or straighten up. Just glance at the room from the door and see if anything sticks out at you.

You might be a little tired, but your home is now ready for a showing. If your real estate agent has a key, it is better for you and your family to go do something away from the home during the showing.

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