9 Conditions that Prove Acupuncture Works

You’ve probably heard so much about acupuncture but aren’t really sure what it can do. It is a question that hangs in many people’s minds, but it has only one short answer.  Acupuncture can treat many ailments including the ones you may be experiencing right now. It is a form of alternative medicine, a system that’s designed to restore and maintain balance.


The goal of acupuncture therapy is to provide balance in your system to keep it functioning normally. In order to know exactly how it can help you, you can book an appointment with an acupuncturist even if you have no symptoms. Any good therapist like the Boulder acupuncture experts can certainly make you understand its benefits.


In order to give you some insights about the subject, here are some of the most common complaints acupuncture therapy is proven to provide relief from:


  • Back aches – back pain that is so intense to the point it is limiting your movement. Acupuncture can by loosening the tensions. This enables your body to get oxygen-rich fluidity through your vertebrae and muscles.


  • Mood Swings – if you are the type of person who is prone to get extremely angry and extremely sad in a matter of minutes, an acupuncture therapy will be very helpful to you.


  • Headaches – headaches can put you down and ruin your day. It has different triggers and levels of intensity. Sensations can vary from achy, throbbing, sharp or blinding. Whatever type of headache you might have including migraine, acupuncture therapy can always offer relief.


  • Stress and Anxiety – if your work and other schedules are making you crazy to the point your body is losing its ability to sleep, you certainly are in need of help because you are possessed by stress.


  • Hangover – this is a very simple case for a therapist to put you back into action.


  • Waning sex drive & infertility – this is a sensitive issue many people are afraid or too embarrassed to talk about. If this is bothering you, pour this out to an acupuncturist and he will gladly offer effective pieces of alternative advice.


  • Alternative to surgery – going under the knife can be scary, especially in cases when it is the only solution. But for cases that are intended to restore function such as knee or shoulder surgery, seeing an acupuncturist first might help you evade the blade and get the same results.


  • Grief – mourning might offer some cleansing effect on the soul that the body may be too weak to bear. If you are suffering from extreme sadness for whatever reason, you don’t have to carry it alone. There’s someone who’s willing and ready to refresh your soul and lighten up your burden. Let acupuncture shoo away those blues for you.


  • Digestive issues – gas pains, constipation, diarrhea or indigestion are kind of annoying. Sometimes it can even lead to embarrassing situations. Problem is they can always recur at the worst possible moments. You can actually put an end to your fears. With the help of a local therapist like the acupuncture Boulder patients trust, you can say goodbye to digestive problems.


These are just a few of the many ailments acupuncture has been known to treat successfully. It doesn’t use drugs, chemicals or medical tools, and even science is quite baffled by its amazing ability to heal. Its hundreds of years of existence and a long history of success can certainly prove that it works.

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