8 Summer Jobs for Teenagers 

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If you have a teenager they might be looking for a way to earn some spending money for themselves this summer. Teenagers older than 15 may be able to find a job at local businesses but younger teenagers might have to get a little more creative. Even older teenagers may prefer to do more creative work that they can have more control over.

Here are some ideas for summer jobs outside the retail/restaurant industry that you teenager might want to consider this summer:

1. Babysitting: This might still be one of the most popular jobs for younger and older teenagers. There are plenty of families that need child care during the summer. Teenagers should get their babysitting certificate to assure parents that they are qualified. They may be able to find a regular babysitting job or they can find babysitting jobs that are as needed.

2. Run a playgroup:this can be organized by one or several teenagers. You should plan to have one teenager per 4 children, so if you have 6 children enrolled you should have two teenagers. Make sure time is structured with games and activities and ask parents to pre-register and pay ahead of time. If you are planning a day long event you will have to make plans for lunch (you can ask parents to provide a lunch if you like) and where you will eat. If you are going away from the original location you will need to have parents permission in writing and you will want to make sure that you are not taking the children further than they can walk. Make sure that games are age appropriate. You can arrange to have your play group several afternoons a week or once a week or whatever you like but plan ahead.

3. Parents’ helper:In the summer parents may need more help than just babysitting services. They may want help with organizing activities, doing household chores, running errands. A parents helper can make the life of parents easier in many ways. Before you make your services available, make sure you outline what you are and are not willing to do.

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4. Errand runner:If you have a bike or a vehicle, you can offer your services as an errand runner. Going to pick up groceries, delivering things, taking children to and from activities, and other services like this can save parents a lot of time and energy. 

5. Party planner: Take over the organizing of parties in the summer. Working parents might not have the time needed to plan a party. You can buy the decorations and set everything up and organize games and music and send out the invitations. Parents will love having someone else that they can leave all the details to!

6. Car washing:This is a simple job and customers can bring their car to you with an appointment. You just need the cleaning supplies.

7. Lawn mowing/yard care:Make sure you know how to use a lawn mower first of course but otherwise this is one job that is always in demand. You can expand your services by offering to do weeding in a garden or trimming of trees.

8. Pet sitting:When people go away for the summer they often need someone to come by and feed their pets and maybe spend some time playing with them.

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