8 Early Signs You Might Be Pregnant (Part 1 of 2)

A pregnant woman

A pregnant woman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Had unprotected intercourse recently? Maybe you are trying to have a baby? For someone who has been pregnant, recognizing the signs and symptoms of pregnancy is fairly obvious. If you are someone who has never been pregnant before, you might not really know what it is that you should be looking for.

1. Aversion to Certain Foods/Smells
When I was pregnant, I can tell you that my tolerance for gross things went way down. Even when I had morning sickness and threw up, I had to make sure it went in a trash can or a toilet. Otherwise, my husband had to help clean it up. Because me trying to clean it up just resulted in being grossed out and throwing up again. It was an awful chain reaction.

It is not uncommon for there to be certain smells or foods that you just cannot stand all of the sudden for no apparent reason.

2. Mood Swings
Most girls have mood swings. But, there is a difference between having normal mood swings and your mood swings being a little more extreme than they usually are. Your hormones are running crazy when you are pregnant. It is normal for you to experience sadness, happiness, and anger all in the same hour because of your mommy-to-be hormones.

3. Bloating
One of the biggest reasons why women tend to have trouble telling whether or not they are pregnant is because a lot of symptoms that are symptoms of pregnancy are also just symptoms of it being your time of the month as well. Bloating of your abdomen being one of them. Even early on in your pregnancy, it is very normal for your clothing to start to feel a little snug.

4. More Bathroom Trips
One of the more annoying symptoms of pregnancy is having to go to the bathroom more often. Unfortunately, this is a symptom that is only going to get worse with the more pregnant you become. As your baby gets bigger and starts pressing down on your bladder, you are going to begin to question if you should move a television in the bathroom.

5 . Feeling Tired For No Reason
When you are pregnant, you sleep a lot more than you normally would. You can’t help it. Your body is doing a lot of work it is not used to doing in order to prepare for that baby. Some people also say your body is trying to store up on sleep that you know you are not going to get once that baby comes into this world.

Part Two

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